Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year in Review Part I

As we all get ready to wish Adieu to 2010 I thought it wouldn't be fair of me NOT to let you in on the things that have annoyed me in the blog world, real world, twitterverse etc etc...  Some of these are blog post I started and never finished but all of them are things that made me say WTF. So heeerreee we go!

1. Black Girls:
No no not Black girls in general, that would be stupid since DUH I'm a Black Woman. I was annoyed with the people that felt that Black Women/Girls needed to be the target of their hate. First it was Black men and the onslaught of a gazillion books, then women of other races feeling left out because Black women were being uplifted. UGH it was so damn annoying. I unfollowed a lot of people because of their consistent abuse of Black women on twitter (many of which we're Black Men), and gave several hard side eyes to people that though it was a bad thing to shine a little light on the positive about us. I wasn't interested in any Kumbayaa sessions when Black women were being shown as stars because none of that mess existed before.

2. Reality TV whining
Look I enjoy reality T.V just like the next man, it's an escape from my own reality but as of late it's been nothing but a bunch of catty women screaming at each other and picking TV fights.  It's a mess and its sad. I'm really going to try to tune that mess (excluding the RHousewives, hhehe look I can't shake them, I admit it)

3. The BeyonCiaRihanna effect of Women
*sigh*  (a) Every where I turn I see weaves, and lacefronts for days, it's SAD. I just want Black girls to stop and look at how they are becoming characters (which fuels people from #1). Sure some women do the hair to have a different look and that's fine, Black women have always created styles with their hair but as of late it's nothing more than trying to be what you are not. There are lacefront sales from here to Kalamazoo and right along with it damaged hair and missing hair lines.
(b) There is also the oversexed mentality of these same girls. They want to be seen for nothing more than their body parts and if they make money off it, or get some deadbeat boyfriend they are happy. What ever happen to self esteem.

4. Keri Hilson
Yes the person! She has turned into such a disappointment. When she first came out before she was Beyonce'd I loved her. I even liked that she took a shot at these artist that she had been writing for all these years, not because I enjoy the simple beef (that's #5) but because she was speaking up for herself and her talent. WTH happen????  I started a post on how destructive her latest song "pretty girl rock" is on thanksgiving day after she performed it at the parade but I never got around to finish it. This woman is running around toting this song as a song of Female empowerment but its NOT. When I think about empowering my sisters I don't say stuff like " Mad cause I'm cuter than the girl that's with you" UGH. The thought of this song makes me sick, for real I'd rather hear a nonsensical rap song by Nicki Minaj than ever hear this mess. And if I had a daughter it would be banned in my home.

5. Beef
This year we've witnessed the most ridiculous beefs in hip hop. So ridiculous I won't even bother running them down. All these beefs did was make those of us that have a brain look at others and shake their heads.

More than once this year I wanted to scream at people I know (and some that I don't) to read a DAMN BOOK! There are just somethings I think are unacceptable. If you don't know who some rapper is or singer that's fine but not to know who Huey P. Newton is or what he stood for is just NOT OKAY!  I witnessed a lot of this in 2010 and I did go off on a few people but yeah I should have done it more often. Ignorance is not bliss.

There were a whole bunch of other things that annoyed me this year like Twitter killing folks, recent hoax, people not being responsible for their life choices, oh the list goes on and on but I won't continue. We're about to celebrate a new year and I'd like to leave this disgust in the old year (along with Swagger and Grown and Sexy).


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af said...

#1; I noticed some downing of Black women in everyday life, but it was ridiculous on television and in the media in general.

There are so many Black women who are doing positive things, yet the media wants to focus on the yamps who are on "Maury" looking for their "baby daddy".

When a Black woman does get some type of award or compliment from the media it's backhanded in some way.
Monique wins an Oscar, but has to mar it by going on TV and talking about her childhood abuse. She could have waited until decades down the line to talk about that but the media needed something sad/tragic to temper her Oscar win with.
What about them putting Gabourey Sidibe on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and calling her the new face of beauty? No shade, but the girl is morbidly obese and has no business on the cover of a magazine. It seems as if they put her on the cover of the magazine just to make fun of her in a backhanded way.

It would be different if there were no attractive Black actresses out there but you've got Reagan Gomez-Preston, Erica Hubbard, Gabrielle Union just to name a few.

They don't put morbidly obese unattractive white women on the cover of magazines, so why do they do it to women of other races?
We have to stop giving off the perception that other ethnic groups can determine our standard of beauty.

There’s also the whole marriage thing. Look, if you can't find Black men to marry in your city/state then maybe it's time to pack up and move. There are Black men all over the entire world. What sense does it make to sit up and complain on national TV about not being able to find a man? You see when yt men want wives they don’t complain about it, they buy them from Russia, Prague and Thailand.

#3 I see girls all the time who are dressing and acting like these female singers. These celebrity women are being paid (read: exploited) by these record labels to portray an image, people should be smart enough to know that.

#4; I felt the exact same way about Keri Hilson. Her first cd was fun, youthful and flirty but this second cd is full of sass and sex.
Her label probably told her to sex it up to increase record sales, but she honestly didn't have to resort to such tactics because she's talented.

What sets her apart from Ciara now? Ciara is resorting to anything that she can in order to sell records; overly sexual lyrics, freaky dance moves, barely there outfits, etc. I watched the “1, 2 step” video the other day and was shocked at the fact that she was actually wearing clothes in a music video. If Keri doesn’t ease up on the sex, she’s going to end up like Ciara.

Happy New Year!