Friday, January 21, 2011

Robert Nesta Marley knew love

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of co-hosting a great show on music with 12Kyle. 12K ever so prepared sent me a list of questions to prep for the show, one of the questions was:

What is the R&B song that reminds you of your past (or present) significant other?
While I do have a R&B song that reminds me of the Mr. another song really brings me right to our years together as a couple that would be Bob Marley's "Stir it Up". It is a truly beautiful song and it expresses the emotions of being in love with a woman, the kind of love that says I really can't live without you. Don't believe me listen here:

How can you not want to slob down a man that says "Quench me when I'm thirsty, come and cool me down baby when I'm hot." *grabs church fan* Whooo Chile I love it.

I was going to let it go until @12kyle started up again on twitter,( poor @SauleWright was an innocent bystander in it all) and so instead of tweeting them songs all day I'm going to post my favorites right here and they can click and LEARN about love by Bob Marley. Enjoy!

Now that's Love, you satisfy my soul... oh darling I'm calling.

I wanna love you, I wanna love, love and treat you right every day and every night. What woman doesn't want that!

Wait you love the girl but she barely recognizes you.... Guess what Bob knew heartache too!

There are so many songs I could post but I think you get the point. I will always feel a certain warm lovey dovey way when I hear Stir it up and now you will too. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day of service

I'm sure tons of you have gotten invitations to come out to party and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, but uhmm yeah I'm going to need ya'll to Pause.......  Yes today is an official day off from work but its not so you can go out and get drunk, act the fool and stay in the bed late.

Today you should be honoring the dream, go to the a museum, take your child to the library and teach him/her about the dream.  Sit your kids down and read from Dr.King's "I have a dream" speech, discuss where we are in the world, discuss how we have lived up to and fallen so far from the dream he had for us as Americans .Volunteer, do something!  If you chose to stay home, then turn off B.E.T and instead pack up old clothes, canned goods and go donate it to Haitian Earthquake relief , don't want to do Haiti the Salvation Army is always looking for donations.


Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sip and See....

I am a avid watcher of the Real Housewives of (fill in the city) but after watching Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday I was compelled to do a little research. That character Phaedra (yes I called her a character) had a sip and see which she called an old Southern tradition.  Hmm I had never heard of it so  I polled my G.R.I.T.S  and low and behold not near one had heard of it, so I took to Google.  I didn’t read anything that said it was a old Southern tradition but it did give me some clarity on what a sip and see actually is:

 A Sip and See is basically a casual type of baby showerthat’s held AFTER baby arrives instead of before. Friends and family are invited to drop by “open house style” within a certain time frame to meet the baby (see) and enjoy light food & drinks (sip) .

So I thought about it, if a Sip and See is traditionally for a baby and I don’t plan on having another one can’t I have one for just about anything? I mean really its just a party where people SIP and See something… So here are my list of sip and see’s and my internet homies that would be invited.

Sip and See “My Shoe” collection
Invited: Mizinspiredmind, BangsandaBun, ItrytoTri 
Each of these ladies would be invited to sip on vodka cocktails (virgin for Lady Bangs), eat petit fours  and look at my shoes. They would also have to bring at least three pairs of their own to be seen. I mean it can’t all be about me.  The host would be my sister and fashionista @FirstVdiddy, I think she’d be WAY better than Dwight who was more like a butler.

Sip and See “Me Kill at The MJ experience”
Invited:  All of the NYer bloggers and @deepee162 (who needs to start a blog soon)
We’d sip on custom drinks courtesy of Ms. @KitVonB (tip her!) and play this game until we fell out. How much fun would it be to see folks doing beat it? HAHA    There would probably be drunken foolishness so the food would be pizza and other non-healthy fattening snacks. I’d be the host because well I have the game and it’s my house.  This might actually happen for my birthday J if I can

Sip and See “Me watch TV” * Courtesy of @TeritaTweets
Invited: TeritaTweets, FirstVdiddy, TheJadedNyer and anyone else in the greater NY area
I mean this is pretty simple we sip, we watch TV. And now that football season is finally at a close we might actually agree on what to watch. Baseball is a common denominator of all three of these ladies even though one is a Yankees fan :P The menu would consist of Beer (blue moon for T and V) and  WANNNGGSSS. I mean what else do you eat when you watch TV.  Hosted by any randm bartender in NY.

Sip N See “ Smarty’s World” *Courtesy of @SmartysWorld*
Invited: The blog world
Gold old Smarty Smarty (sing it like Patti Patti) is relaunching her blog and it’s going to be fabulous. I won’t give you all the details because that wouldn’t be fair  but on the menu there will be all your southern favorites…. Sorry folks no pork .

Now that we all know what  a Sip and See we can stop looking at Phaedra like she’s a two headed monster. At least until she says something else ridiculous then the fun starts all over again. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 1975..... January 12, 2011

36 years ago today I was born, the angels danced and the heavens celebrated in my honor and every yeari do the same.  But last year that all changed... As I was about to take my first drink (it was gingerale last year I was so ill but still out partying smh) news broke that an earthquake hit Haiti. My first thought was to take to Facebook as so many of my friends have family there. I didn't know how much damage had been caused nor did I realize how bad it would get.  But it did, it got worse by the day and a year later the people of Haiti are still struggling. Struggling to have what so many of us take for granted regularly so I've decided that instead of buying myself a fancy new dress, and shoes to celebrate today I'm going to donate that money to a deserving charity... this charity Community2Community (C2C).

A dear friend of mine along with his sister, who left her job in May started Community2Community (C2C) to aid in the future of his home, his people and his family and I want to help him reach his goal.  I'm asking all of my friends here in the blog world and in real life to take that $2 you were going to spend on coffee and give it to this worthy charity. This is how I would like people to honor my 36 years on earth, by giving  back, by helping to rebuild a community. Yes, I think this will make the angels smile and dance yet again.

Click here to donate: Give C2C

Thank You in advance...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

My first random thoughts post for 2011, and I'm sure not my last.

* Going back to work after 2 weeks sucks.

*Naps really are essential

* I had such good intentions for my 2 weeks off, sadly the blizzard messed it all up.

*I'll be in New Orleans in April my ex-office husband is getting hitched. iCry

* I don't like watching hoarder type shows, they make me sad.

*I have banned Morning Joe on Mondays and Tuesday. They get my blood pressure up.

*How is education the key to success but its the first thing these politicians cut?

*Ah Yes, we have a GOP majority, I can't wait to see the hole they dig. They have already started back tracking *SMH*

*I heard Judge Judy say "One day people are going to look back on The U.S and say they were a forward moving society" she's both right and wrong there.

*IF YOU ARE OVER 21 AND YOU SPELL LIKE THIS "I wuz in da house wen u cald." I have a open hand slap to the mouth for you.  No one understands that shit!

*and tell your kid to cut that mess out as well. Everyone has a full keyboard on their phone USE that shit.

*Still a NO in 2011: twitterscope and white people with dreads.

*My birthday is 6 days away and its the first year I am doing nothing. I just don't want the headache, stress and anxiety that come with planning anything. *I'm still taking gift though.

*I'm GOING to do a post on Natural hair. I think I might call it Your Natural is not better than mine.

*I miss Brooklyn, living on Long Island is grand but sometimes I just miss those dudes playing cee-lo outside the window.

* I really hate how rappers make something like a shoe with a red bottom the say all be all. Worse I hate that these young girls are falling for that mess.

* I've said this a thousand times before the only thing going for most of these rappers is their money, because no one would give them a second look otherwise.

*KUSH, really? Negro radio is trippin'. All I can say is save the babies! #TheEnd

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reason #1,500,432 I hate B.E.T

I've been on vacation for the last two weeks and because of the blizzard in New York, I had a lot of time to watch mindless television. Some was fun and took my mind off all the shoveling that would need to be done, others not so much. During one of my marathon days I peeped this commercial on that God Awful B.E.T!

O_o, UGHHHH! Really B.E.T?! Besides the occasional show like "Black Girls rock" and breathing life back into The Game you are the #1 reason for Black people feeding into self hate, but you want to be all Pro-life.  And before any of you Pro-lifers waste your time hitting my comment button to tell me life is precious, and all that fun stuff STOP and watch the commercial again. The #1 cause of death in Black America is NOT legalized abortion and using this ignorance to try and scare people is disgraceful.

I haven't been a fan of b.e.t since the teen summit years and have sworn off most of their programming, but this commercial takes my dislike for them straight to hate. Maybe they should look into the coon-antics they perpetuate on a daily basis before they get into the pro-choice vs. pro-life war.  Ad revenues can't be this low. UGH