Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sip and See....

I am a avid watcher of the Real Housewives of (fill in the city) but after watching Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday I was compelled to do a little research. That character Phaedra (yes I called her a character) had a sip and see which she called an old Southern tradition.  Hmm I had never heard of it so  I polled my G.R.I.T.S  and low and behold not near one had heard of it, so I took to Google.  I didn’t read anything that said it was a old Southern tradition but it did give me some clarity on what a sip and see actually is:

 A Sip and See is basically a casual type of baby showerthat’s held AFTER baby arrives instead of before. Friends and family are invited to drop by “open house style” within a certain time frame to meet the baby (see) and enjoy light food & drinks (sip) .

So I thought about it, if a Sip and See is traditionally for a baby and I don’t plan on having another one can’t I have one for just about anything? I mean really its just a party where people SIP and See something… So here are my list of sip and see’s and my internet homies that would be invited.

Sip and See “My Shoe” collection
Invited: Mizinspiredmind, BangsandaBun, ItrytoTri 
Each of these ladies would be invited to sip on vodka cocktails (virgin for Lady Bangs), eat petit fours  and look at my shoes. They would also have to bring at least three pairs of their own to be seen. I mean it can’t all be about me.  The host would be my sister and fashionista @FirstVdiddy, I think she’d be WAY better than Dwight who was more like a butler.

Sip and See “Me Kill at The MJ experience”
Invited:  All of the NYer bloggers and @deepee162 (who needs to start a blog soon)
We’d sip on custom drinks courtesy of Ms. @KitVonB (tip her!) and play this game until we fell out. How much fun would it be to see folks doing beat it? HAHA    There would probably be drunken foolishness so the food would be pizza and other non-healthy fattening snacks. I’d be the host because well I have the game and it’s my house.  This might actually happen for my birthday J if I can

Sip and See “Me watch TV” * Courtesy of @TeritaTweets
Invited: TeritaTweets, FirstVdiddy, TheJadedNyer and anyone else in the greater NY area
I mean this is pretty simple we sip, we watch TV. And now that football season is finally at a close we might actually agree on what to watch. Baseball is a common denominator of all three of these ladies even though one is a Yankees fan :P The menu would consist of Beer (blue moon for T and V) and  WANNNGGSSS. I mean what else do you eat when you watch TV.  Hosted by any randm bartender in NY.

Sip N See “ Smarty’s World” *Courtesy of @SmartysWorld*
Invited: The blog world
Gold old Smarty Smarty (sing it like Patti Patti) is relaunching her blog and it’s going to be fabulous. I won’t give you all the details because that wouldn’t be fair  but on the menu there will be all your southern favorites…. Sorry folks no pork .

Now that we all know what  a Sip and See we can stop looking at Phaedra like she’s a two headed monster. At least until she says something else ridiculous then the fun starts all over again. 


Tyrone said...

Anything can be a sip and see. It helps if you don't want to be overwhelmed, but still attempt to be sociable.

Can the super bowl be a sip and see?

The F$%K it List said...

Indeed! Sip and See the Steelers lose to the Packers. *oh I bet you didn't think I even knew who was playing* PROGRESS!

Anonymous said...

Sip and See shoes?!?! Are you kidding me. That would be fabulous. What about handbags? I need tio sip and see handbags stat!

Smarty P. Jones said...

The Superbowl is the ULTIMATE Sip N' See!!! And, F$%k It List, honey, the Steelers and going to run slam over the Packers.

And yes, if I can get everything in order, the world can collectively sip on their libations of choice and enjoy a plate of fish and grits for my re-launch. *curtsy*