Friday, February 25, 2011

Poor Lil Tink Tink

I've stayed away from the foolishness that is Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj because I don't think its a beef to anyone except those two (and the under 25 in age and mind) but this week when Lil Kim took to twitter with claims of shutting down paypal with sales of a mixtape O_o and then the God AWFUL video dropped,  I thought an open letter was necessary. *disclaimer I am in NO WAY shape of form a Minaj fan, I don't get her and I don't want too.*

Dear Kim,
What in all the hell is wrong with you? The last few months everytime I hear about you I either shake my head, roll my eyes or LMAO. And to be honest all this head shaking is giving me a headache. You've been acting a hot mess since you got out of the clink, clearly that bid changed you but not in the right ways.

When you were released there was a glimmer of hope you did dancing with the Stars, talks of your own vodka label you know the regular things rappers turned civilians do. Then all of a sudden as if you'd been hit over the head with a bottle you start attacking Faith, Biggies mom and Puffy(again) over the movie Notorious. Why because no one consulted with you and you felt your part should have been larger. MAYNNNNE own up that you were his mistress, it doesn't matter if you were there first. He made a choice to marry someone else, who chose to make a movie about HIM! NOT YOU!

Once you got over that...nix that because I heard you on a recent interview discussing it decided to sink your highly altered fangs into Nicki Minaj. Ohh she stole your style, we all remember Crush on you with all the colorful wigs and bathing suits (you know back when you were BLACK barbie) but that was 14 years ago. Let that little girl live! Offer her some guidance and for the love of all things holy STOP putting out mixtapes that people have to pay for, then lying saying people have actually purchased them. You're not fooling anyone mama, I can list three sites where I can get actual released albums for free  low cost. I'm sure those hood dudes in your new crew IRS are telling you that your antics are increasing your relevance...they LIE. The more you come out talking about lil miss minaj the more people don't want to hear you (especially with that weak ass shit you released). I mean have you listened to that Black Friday mess you put out?  

"corny broad I'll leave you bloody like you menstruated" .. That's the weakest shit ever and you said MENASTRATED... what? And then the video.  Will the wackness ever cease. If you believe what you say "Chile I'm solidified" you wouldn't be running behind this girl every minute. Next time you get the urge to enter the studio think WhatWouldBiggeieSay? You know what he would say Kim, he'd say go make REAL MUSIC and fuck these hoes. 

I get it you want to be relevant but this isn't the way. You know what else isn't the way...LYING!  Why the hell are you saying that HardCore came out when you were 18? You're math is off something awful! I hate to even bother with this mess because you're one of Brooklyn's own but We don't have another tear to shed on this mess (not even in laughter). 


The F$%K it List

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just for Giggles

It's funny how the most ridiculous things can change your mood. I blame The Jaded NYer and Andy Cohen from Bravo for my reservation to Hades because if not for this video I would be heaven bound.

Why is this even a question? It's CLEARLY DISRESPECT.

This is the second time this week I've been bombarded with this billboard, and the thousand trillionth time I've spoken on the ad campaign by this company.

This people is the front of the amNewYork, if you can't see what the caption on the billboard is it reads " The Most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb" REEEAAALLYYYYY?  No one sees where this ad (and the commercial that was run on b.e.t) could be seen as disrespectful to African  American women?  If that little girl had blonde hair and blue eyes people would be rioting in the streets but she doesn't.  It's just another way to force women of color to be ashamed of the choices they make in regards to their bodies.

The article says that 35 percent of abortions in NYC are had by African American women, but does that mean that these women are using it as casual contraception? NO it doesn't, and could it be that the numbers for others are not being reported because they have access to better healthcare and therefore are not in clinics or at Planned Parenthood who have to post their stats? One of  the board members says that they are doing these ads to let Black women know there are other options. Well this is a poor way of doing it! And if you're trying to reach a specific group why is the ad hanging in SoHo? This isn't even an African American neighborhood. It is very simple the goal is to shame and reinforce that "Poor Black Women and their troubles" mentality. Well you know what you've failed there too... Sure people are talking but most women I've spoke with are calling for the lot of you to be strung up by your necks.

The people of Life Always should be ashamed, as should the owners of that building and the city of NY for disrespecting the African American women that reside here. I'm sure I'm not the only women of any color to want the government, church and politicians to step from between my legs and out of my womb to apply all this extra energy to go  work on REAL issues (or go get laid).

Give my girl YaYa's post about this disgusting ad a read:

OH yes and these are the people behind this organization, Look them up, write them letters and demand they remove this disgusting ad from our fair city.

These two also have Facebook pages.
Stephen Broden (214)717-1315

Abby Johnson (615) 370-4700
P.O.Box 50358
Nashville, TN 37205

What are your thoughts? Do you think this ad is in bad taste? Speak your peace in the comment sections :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I know I know the finale was two weeks ago but I promised my little sis @mzinspiredmind I'd give a few lines, and what better day then on the eve of the dram filled reunion.

I don't know why in the hell Greg shaved his beard he looks Creepy!

I was happy to see Phaedra maternal instincts kick in when it was time for her to go back to work. I remember my first day back I cried for an hour. And no matter how crazy that Phaedra is I dig her. She's what NeNe should have been.

NeNe ugh she was my favorite but all this screaming and carrying on. Its like Xena gone bad. We get it, you're big, tall and loud now can you turn it down.

LMAO at Sheree at that audition. She was NOT good. And the fact that she got the part screams Chitlin theater! Just all bad.

Kim...uhm what's her point again? Is she there to give Nene someone to scream at and give the tobacco companies publicity. No? Then I got nothing.

Kandi I like her a lot. She's the only one that seems normal and real. I hate her hair with a passion though. Oh and this new hair is no better.

Now for Cynthia and the wedding. I hope that after this reunion airs Cynthia has cut some of these bitches off. The only one that stayed away from negativity about her wedding was NeNe.  Sheree is commenting on the corners cut, Kim is saying the wedding shouldn't happen. I mean really do these fools think before they speak? She's going to see your little confessional speech. Dumb asses.

And OMG her sister and mother with that whole debaucle about the marriage certificate? I would completely spaz on them once I saw that.Not only would my feelings be hurt I would hate them for a long time. It wasn't their place to even think about not giving her the damn thing. UGH.

Now as much as I love me some Peter that showing up drunk shit would have gotten him blessed the holy hell out. I'm sure she said something but if it was me the tabloids would have shown him with a black eye HAHAHA.

The reunion just seems like it's going to be a lot of screaming and carrying on but I kind of can't wait for it. I want to hear what crazy thing Phaedra says next, and when she tells NeNe her claim to fame is this show. POW! in your face. I'm actually glad this show is over though, I'm kind of annoyed by the back and forth with NeNe and Kim it's just too much. I mean come on the woman yoked you up why are you trying to be friends? That's some old made for TV bull if ever I did see it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Excuse me while I get all mushy

Its funny that I'm posting this right before Valentine's day, but I promise you it is purely coincidental (especially since Vday is all kinds of lamesauce).

Last night after forcing the Mr. out into the cold for work he sent me a text. It wasn't racy, it wasn't all mushy and flowery, but it sent my heart racing. It was the simplest, most loving text I've ever gotten and after reading it several times I felt alll warm and fuzzy and wished he was home.

I thought about it after I reading it several times, isn't Love suppose to be simple? I not talking about relationships, because you can believe what you want but they take work and it can get stressful but in the end shouldn't the Love between two people b e as simple as a possible? When we start complicating a loving relationship with flash and bang it gets so far layered in crap it ceases to exist. I admit my relationship is not the norm (we've been together longer than most, teenage love) but through all the ups and downs I've never lost sight of how much I love him. Even when naysayers would shoot out that cliche "Love is not enough" it was for me. I wouldn't stand for any disrespect from anyone, especially him but when times got hard I knew that as long as we had real unconditional love we would be alright.  So far, so good. 

I don't know why I'm feeling all mushy and what not but I think was only amplified by watching this scene last night: 
skip to 9:24.. 

This  movie will always hold a special place in my life and this song is part of the reason why. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And the score is Exploitation:40... The Game: Love

Before B.E.T

After B.E.T
A few weeks ago the buzz and anticipation finally game to an end.. The Game was returning to prime time television (on BET but it was back). We spent the last week in December watching old episodes in preparation to see what happen with our favorite old characters. Was Melanie a Dr.? Did Tasha and Rick work it out? What of Kelly and Jason? Will Melanie and Janelle co-exist for the betterment of Derwin's son.....So many great stories to develop, so many positives that could have come from the show...alas none of them did.

They went the B.E.T way, married living to be your man's perfect wife and resenting a baby, cougar action, star player no more, angry reckless athlete, and bitter ex-wife turned reality star.  *le sigh* I watched the first episode, and halfway through I decided that would be my last time. I've heard people say well its The Game what do you expect, well at the very least I expect growth! When the Game ended we'd come full circle with these characters, so why the 360? Apparently BET writers feel like the "Oh Shit Hood" moments sell better than a well developed character.  I was highly disappointed in this  comeback  When I said I'e watch again I thought maybe we'd get a good show with some Ah ha moments.  Sure when you watched the show before there were those moments when you were like uhm that's BS but I always thought the characters were progressing. When the Game went off this is where we were,  here is my breakdown (bold is where we are now)

Melanie was acting like an adult. She had finally come to terms with who she was. Finished Medical school and ready to start her career as a Dr, she also decided to stand up to her parents. Letting them know that Derwin was a part of her life and they needed to deal.  She also dealt with her real feeling for Derwin, who most women would have stabbed, accepting his that his life now included his child. The show ends with Melanie ready to marry her college sweetheart when his phone rings and his ex is about to have the baby. She accompanies him to the hospital. THIS IS GROWTH! So how did we get to this mess of a woman she is now? Swabbing babies cheeks without the fathers consent, listening to Tasha and her foolishness in regards to skin color/ BLECH! 

Tasha Mack  we saw Tasha in a good place, a place where she could 1) get from under her son's shadow 2) in a mature relationship with Rick Fox.  Now she's a cougar back to having a secret relationship.Didn't they do that already with the old coach.

Derwin.I don't even know what to say about his character, its two years later and besides being a super star athlete nothing much has changed. He still loves Melanie,he still religious and he's still the same old Derwin.

Jason Pitts last we saw him he was in a good relationship with a career woman, happy and moving on. I think he had a moment where he backslide and was all about Kelly again but it was momentary. Now he's bitter, selling out his former teammates and just acting the damn fool. Is this really how ex-football players carry on? If so then booo on them.

Kelly  She was still in love with Jason, hurt because of what that loud mouth Tasha did, but she had a new focus career and her child. NOW she's a Football wife only she's not married anymore, so maybe she's more like those fool ass Basketball Wives. Cameras following her around, fake issues and what not. JEEZ don't we already have this show on TV, a little originality b.e.t writers. 

I followed what was happening thanks to a few of my favorite blogger and all I can say is THE GAME is LOSING. I don't care what anyone else says they had a chance to do better, they CHOSE not too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrifting is a dangerous job....

I've been talking about taking advantage of the amazing thrift stores for over a year but just get lazy and end up going to Daffy's instead. I was never sure of where to go besides the UWS/UES and well the thought of that trip just made me want to shop retail instead *clutches pearls* then I met the lovely blogger, thrift shopping extraordinaire Living Fly on a Dime. Her thrifting adventures made me excited, and I decided I really wanted to give it a go.My first trip was to the Housing Works $20 sale. After a long debate with myself about staying in because I was sick I got up and made my way to the sale with my sister and C.J., and OH BOY was it an adventure.

First we had to stand on line for two hours before we entered the den of madness. I mean it was ridiculous, bins and bins full to the rim with clothes (not to mention on the floor).  As we tried to come up with a plan of attack I asked myself "RA, what in the hell are you doing here, you are sick?" and then I saw it a knee length brown wool skirt IT WAS ON! We dove in, CJ was next to score he found a pair of gloves with the tags still on them he was excited. Then Keisha found a purse, she held on to that thing for a minute before deciding against it, which was cool because she ended up with a MUCH better bag towards the end.

We had a good time even with some crazy things happening, like this chick picking up my coat (she thought she'd scored a Northface until she felt my wallet in the pocket so she took it to the front desk) and the walking on mounds of clothes. okay..okay I know what you're thinking where is the loot? Well here you go!
The loot minus CJ's gloves and Giants hat

evening bag, day to day purse and a Levis tote

oh you fancy huh? I thought this jacket was too big it was perfect

back of jacket, it's fitted

mid-calf high waist skirt. Will be perfect with high boots

Trousers for work. Great finds.
 I have to say this sale in the winter might not be for me, I get way too cold and my patience goes right out the door. I know now no kids, no jacket and more grab and sort later but I had fun and the experience was really what I wanted. The next sale is on February 12th, the doors open at 9am but if you're going be there at 8 so you can get in before the floors get some of the goodies. Happy Shopping!

Housing Works all you can stuff

  • Thrift Shops Warehouse
  • 4849 35th St., Long Island City, NY 11101 :: 718-786-6160