Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And the score is Exploitation:40... The Game: Love

Before B.E.T

After B.E.T
A few weeks ago the buzz and anticipation finally game to an end.. The Game was returning to prime time television (on BET but it was back). We spent the last week in December watching old episodes in preparation to see what happen with our favorite old characters. Was Melanie a Dr.? Did Tasha and Rick work it out? What of Kelly and Jason? Will Melanie and Janelle co-exist for the betterment of Derwin's son.....So many great stories to develop, so many positives that could have come from the show...alas none of them did.

They went the B.E.T way, married living to be your man's perfect wife and resenting a baby, cougar action, star player no more, angry reckless athlete, and bitter ex-wife turned reality star.  *le sigh* I watched the first episode, and halfway through I decided that would be my last time. I've heard people say well its The Game what do you expect, well at the very least I expect growth! When the Game ended we'd come full circle with these characters, so why the 360? Apparently BET writers feel like the "Oh Shit Hood" moments sell better than a well developed character.  I was highly disappointed in this  comeback  When I said I'e watch again I thought maybe we'd get a good show with some Ah ha moments.  Sure when you watched the show before there were those moments when you were like uhm that's BS but I always thought the characters were progressing. When the Game went off this is where we were,  here is my breakdown (bold is where we are now)

Melanie was acting like an adult. She had finally come to terms with who she was. Finished Medical school and ready to start her career as a Dr, she also decided to stand up to her parents. Letting them know that Derwin was a part of her life and they needed to deal.  She also dealt with her real feeling for Derwin, who most women would have stabbed, accepting his that his life now included his child. The show ends with Melanie ready to marry her college sweetheart when his phone rings and his ex is about to have the baby. She accompanies him to the hospital. THIS IS GROWTH! So how did we get to this mess of a woman she is now? Swabbing babies cheeks without the fathers consent, listening to Tasha and her foolishness in regards to skin color/ BLECH! 

Tasha Mack  we saw Tasha in a good place, a place where she could 1) get from under her son's shadow 2) in a mature relationship with Rick Fox.  Now she's a cougar back to having a secret relationship.Didn't they do that already with the old coach.

Derwin.I don't even know what to say about his character, its two years later and besides being a super star athlete nothing much has changed. He still loves Melanie,he still religious and he's still the same old Derwin.

Jason Pitts last we saw him he was in a good relationship with a career woman, happy and moving on. I think he had a moment where he backslide and was all about Kelly again but it was momentary. Now he's bitter, selling out his former teammates and just acting the damn fool. Is this really how ex-football players carry on? If so then booo on them.

Kelly  She was still in love with Jason, hurt because of what that loud mouth Tasha did, but she had a new focus career and her child. NOW she's a Football wife only she's not married anymore, so maybe she's more like those fool ass Basketball Wives. Cameras following her around, fake issues and what not. JEEZ don't we already have this show on TV, a little originality b.e.t writers. 

I followed what was happening thanks to a few of my favorite blogger and all I can say is THE GAME is LOSING. I don't care what anyone else says they had a chance to do better, they CHOSE not too.

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jtbrown said...

I agree with you completely and have no interest in watching the show anymore. It's all sensationalism and no substance.