Friday, February 25, 2011

Poor Lil Tink Tink

I've stayed away from the foolishness that is Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj because I don't think its a beef to anyone except those two (and the under 25 in age and mind) but this week when Lil Kim took to twitter with claims of shutting down paypal with sales of a mixtape O_o and then the God AWFUL video dropped,  I thought an open letter was necessary. *disclaimer I am in NO WAY shape of form a Minaj fan, I don't get her and I don't want too.*

Dear Kim,
What in all the hell is wrong with you? The last few months everytime I hear about you I either shake my head, roll my eyes or LMAO. And to be honest all this head shaking is giving me a headache. You've been acting a hot mess since you got out of the clink, clearly that bid changed you but not in the right ways.

When you were released there was a glimmer of hope you did dancing with the Stars, talks of your own vodka label you know the regular things rappers turned civilians do. Then all of a sudden as if you'd been hit over the head with a bottle you start attacking Faith, Biggies mom and Puffy(again) over the movie Notorious. Why because no one consulted with you and you felt your part should have been larger. MAYNNNNE own up that you were his mistress, it doesn't matter if you were there first. He made a choice to marry someone else, who chose to make a movie about HIM! NOT YOU!

Once you got over that...nix that because I heard you on a recent interview discussing it decided to sink your highly altered fangs into Nicki Minaj. Ohh she stole your style, we all remember Crush on you with all the colorful wigs and bathing suits (you know back when you were BLACK barbie) but that was 14 years ago. Let that little girl live! Offer her some guidance and for the love of all things holy STOP putting out mixtapes that people have to pay for, then lying saying people have actually purchased them. You're not fooling anyone mama, I can list three sites where I can get actual released albums for free  low cost. I'm sure those hood dudes in your new crew IRS are telling you that your antics are increasing your relevance...they LIE. The more you come out talking about lil miss minaj the more people don't want to hear you (especially with that weak ass shit you released). I mean have you listened to that Black Friday mess you put out?  

"corny broad I'll leave you bloody like you menstruated" .. That's the weakest shit ever and you said MENASTRATED... what? And then the video.  Will the wackness ever cease. If you believe what you say "Chile I'm solidified" you wouldn't be running behind this girl every minute. Next time you get the urge to enter the studio think WhatWouldBiggeieSay? You know what he would say Kim, he'd say go make REAL MUSIC and fuck these hoes. 

I get it you want to be relevant but this isn't the way. You know what else isn't the way...LYING!  Why the hell are you saying that HardCore came out when you were 18? You're math is off something awful! I hate to even bother with this mess because you're one of Brooklyn's own but We don't have another tear to shed on this mess (not even in laughter). 


The F$%K it List


Anonymous said...

Lil Kim is a mess and has been for ages. She is so desperate for attention and it looks ugly. If she really wants to be on top, start making some GOOD music, GOOD videos, and keep herself looking like a woman, not the every Hunts Point whore.

Brothers Blog said...

Man although the "beef" is not a real beef I actually liked the diss song for what its worth. As a diss song she aired her out. Now if the diss song was needed that's a whole different story. Is Kim Krazy. Yeah we all know she hasn't been right since Big died. Smh

Tyrone said...

I think she started going downhill when the plastic surgery started. She couldn't just rhyme anymore. She needs to fade into obscurity...or QVC.