Monday, February 14, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I know I know the finale was two weeks ago but I promised my little sis @mzinspiredmind I'd give a few lines, and what better day then on the eve of the dram filled reunion.

I don't know why in the hell Greg shaved his beard he looks Creepy!

I was happy to see Phaedra maternal instincts kick in when it was time for her to go back to work. I remember my first day back I cried for an hour. And no matter how crazy that Phaedra is I dig her. She's what NeNe should have been.

NeNe ugh she was my favorite but all this screaming and carrying on. Its like Xena gone bad. We get it, you're big, tall and loud now can you turn it down.

LMAO at Sheree at that audition. She was NOT good. And the fact that she got the part screams Chitlin theater! Just all bad.

Kim...uhm what's her point again? Is she there to give Nene someone to scream at and give the tobacco companies publicity. No? Then I got nothing.

Kandi I like her a lot. She's the only one that seems normal and real. I hate her hair with a passion though. Oh and this new hair is no better.

Now for Cynthia and the wedding. I hope that after this reunion airs Cynthia has cut some of these bitches off. The only one that stayed away from negativity about her wedding was NeNe.  Sheree is commenting on the corners cut, Kim is saying the wedding shouldn't happen. I mean really do these fools think before they speak? She's going to see your little confessional speech. Dumb asses.

And OMG her sister and mother with that whole debaucle about the marriage certificate? I would completely spaz on them once I saw that.Not only would my feelings be hurt I would hate them for a long time. It wasn't their place to even think about not giving her the damn thing. UGH.

Now as much as I love me some Peter that showing up drunk shit would have gotten him blessed the holy hell out. I'm sure she said something but if it was me the tabloids would have shown him with a black eye HAHAHA.

The reunion just seems like it's going to be a lot of screaming and carrying on but I kind of can't wait for it. I want to hear what crazy thing Phaedra says next, and when she tells NeNe her claim to fame is this show. POW! in your face. I'm actually glad this show is over though, I'm kind of annoyed by the back and forth with NeNe and Kim it's just too much. I mean come on the woman yoked you up why are you trying to be friends? That's some old made for TV bull if ever I did see it.


MzInspiredMind81 said...

YES YES YES!!! I am LOVIN' this post! TY!!! LOL.

I can't lie, in all of Phaedra's crazy, I do like her. She served NeNe last night...I would have NEVER thought Phaedra would be the one to politely check NeNe #takeaseatmaam

Everytime I see or hear "chitlin circuit" I crack up. Girl Sheree headed to Hollywood! U ain't know!?!(umm not really)

I was so disgusted w/ Cynthia's mom and sister that it wasn't funny. I mean where do you get off hiding a marriage license on the day of the wedding! In your words "for shame"

Anonymous said...

Yep, great summary. Phaedra still makes me giggle, but I like her much more than I thought I would when the season began.

I'm thinking that the folks involved with that production that Sheree auditioned for are just thinking about her 5 minutes of fame. If RHOA is back next year, one could assume that the film would get some air time.

I DVR'ed the reunion last night. Looking forward to the nonsense that is sure to take place.

Mommy Lisa said...

Phaedra is NUTS, but yes she is now my favorite.

I could not believe the shit her sister (Cynthia's) tried to pull - her mom put a stop to it. I think Mom's was for whatever Cynthia wanted at that point. And Peter - DAMN I wanted to pop him for showing up drunk...made me almost wish she ran.