Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrifting is a dangerous job....

I've been talking about taking advantage of the amazing thrift stores for over a year but just get lazy and end up going to Daffy's instead. I was never sure of where to go besides the UWS/UES and well the thought of that trip just made me want to shop retail instead *clutches pearls* then I met the lovely blogger, thrift shopping extraordinaire Living Fly on a Dime. Her thrifting adventures made me excited, and I decided I really wanted to give it a go.My first trip was to the Housing Works $20 sale. After a long debate with myself about staying in because I was sick I got up and made my way to the sale with my sister and C.J., and OH BOY was it an adventure.

First we had to stand on line for two hours before we entered the den of madness. I mean it was ridiculous, bins and bins full to the rim with clothes (not to mention on the floor).  As we tried to come up with a plan of attack I asked myself "RA, what in the hell are you doing here, you are sick?" and then I saw it a knee length brown wool skirt IT WAS ON! We dove in, CJ was next to score he found a pair of gloves with the tags still on them he was excited. Then Keisha found a purse, she held on to that thing for a minute before deciding against it, which was cool because she ended up with a MUCH better bag towards the end.

We had a good time even with some crazy things happening, like this chick picking up my coat (she thought she'd scored a Northface until she felt my wallet in the pocket so she took it to the front desk) and the walking on mounds of clothes. okay..okay I know what you're thinking where is the loot? Well here you go!
The loot minus CJ's gloves and Giants hat

evening bag, day to day purse and a Levis tote

oh you fancy huh? I thought this jacket was too big it was perfect

back of jacket, it's fitted

mid-calf high waist skirt. Will be perfect with high boots

Trousers for work. Great finds.
 I have to say this sale in the winter might not be for me, I get way too cold and my patience goes right out the door. I know now no kids, no jacket and more grab and sort later but I had fun and the experience was really what I wanted. The next sale is on February 12th, the doors open at 9am but if you're going be there at 8 so you can get in before the floors get some of the goodies. Happy Shopping!

Housing Works all you can stuff

  • Thrift Shops Warehouse
  • 4849 35th St., Long Island City, NY 11101 :: 718-786-6160


♥ CG ♥ said...

Great finds! I'm down here cracking up about the woman trying to cop your jacket...lol.

lyfesimplified said...

What tha hell was your jacket doing away from you missy, WITH THE COINS IN IT? The Jacket, The Jacket, The Jacket. I love love love blazers and this one is cute. I usually visit thrift shops in search of vintage house decor. Although your finds were great, I can't see me digging through bins of clothing. Stores that have way too much make my nerves bad so I can imagine. Sounds fun though.



O So Chic ! said...

I don't know how you survived that crazinesss while you were sick.This woman actually thought my Coach bag was part of it too. I was holding it between my legs as I sorted and she had the nerve to say "Excuse me" and tried to pick it up. Absolutely not!

That jacket is great. Glad you found some good stuff. -Melissa

Patrice said...

Great finds, especially the jacket! Yeah, it can be a madhouse during the sale. And in the summertime, it's even more intense. The heat plus more folks means chaos! But if you can keep your cool, you'll walk away with some amazing pieces.