Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why is this even a question? It's CLEARLY DISRESPECT.

This is the second time this week I've been bombarded with this billboard, and the thousand trillionth time I've spoken on the ad campaign by this company.

This people is the front of the amNewYork, if you can't see what the caption on the billboard is it reads " The Most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb" REEEAAALLYYYYY?  No one sees where this ad (and the commercial that was run on b.e.t) could be seen as disrespectful to African  American women?  If that little girl had blonde hair and blue eyes people would be rioting in the streets but she doesn't.  It's just another way to force women of color to be ashamed of the choices they make in regards to their bodies.

The article says that 35 percent of abortions in NYC are had by African American women, but does that mean that these women are using it as casual contraception? NO it doesn't, and could it be that the numbers for others are not being reported because they have access to better healthcare and therefore are not in clinics or at Planned Parenthood who have to post their stats? One of  the board members says that they are doing these ads to let Black women know there are other options. Well this is a poor way of doing it! And if you're trying to reach a specific group why is the ad hanging in SoHo? This isn't even an African American neighborhood. It is very simple the goal is to shame and reinforce that "Poor Black Women and their troubles" mentality. Well you know what you've failed there too... Sure people are talking but most women I've spoke with are calling for the lot of you to be strung up by your necks.

The people of Life Always should be ashamed, as should the owners of that building and the city of NY for disrespecting the African American women that reside here. I'm sure I'm not the only women of any color to want the government, church and politicians to step from between my legs and out of my womb to apply all this extra energy to go  work on REAL issues (or go get laid).

Give my girl YaYa's post about this disgusting ad a read:

OH yes and these are the people behind this organization, Look them up, write them letters and demand they remove this disgusting ad from our fair city.

These two also have Facebook pages.
Stephen Broden (214)717-1315

Abby Johnson (615) 370-4700
P.O.Box 50358
Nashville, TN 37205

What are your thoughts? Do you think this ad is in bad taste? Speak your peace in the comment sections :)


Irene Robertson said...


Mommy Lisa said...

Seriously? "pro-life" groups suck.

LindsayDianne said...

That is just disgraceful. And you're right. It's an excuse to be racist pigs and if it was a stat about white abortions people would flip.
As a Canadian, the blatant racism you face down there is just so, so sad.

1ad41e04-1876-11e1-9409-000bcdcb471e said...

Why is it disrespectful to treat black people like everyone else? Pro-life does this to EVERYONE and it shows they think black people are capable of conforming to their moral standards.

The fact that you say that white people world riot if it was them is ignorant and racist in itself. I have seen much worse directed largely at white people with public outcry but no violence.

It's not about coloured people, it's about abortion. Black people just happen to have a bad record in this topic. I find it disgusting that you'd push aside the issue of a child's life just so you can complain about your pride being hurt.

If you agree with the 35 percent of abortions in NYC are had by African Americans then you should be concerned. Either it is being used as casual contraception or it's because of a community full of rapists! Which would be preferable to you?

It is sad that you use possibility to try to make your point. Only what you know should be used to make decisions or arguments. Of course there could bee countless number of reasons that the facts are misconstrued but you might as well argue that it's because most of people getting abortions are just wearing black-face for all that your conjecture matters to any well educated person.

You question the reason for picking SoHo but then say that the people you talk to are prone to violence. What would be the point to advertising in such a place. Did you ever once stop to think what would happen if it was put up in a black neighborhood?
The people hired, not paying, to put it up would probably be attacked, the billboard destroyed and almost no one would hear their message.

This is not a question of personal rights to these people but the right to child abuse and murder. Whether or not you're for abortion rights; anyone who degrades their belief of a child's right to live like you have is a monster.