Thursday, March 24, 2011

What do we do now...

I haven’t had a lot to say in the last few weeks but this morning after I dropped CJ off to school, I felt the need to share my feelings about the children I see on the train. Not about their clothes or the way they speak (though I will touch on that) but more about the feelings I have when I listen to them.

This mornings journey from Long Island to Brooklyn found me in a conversation with a teenage girl, when she asked me how much my shoes cost. When I asked her why, she said because she wanted to ask her mom to get her a pair just like mine. I was shocked. My guess was she was about 17 but when I smiled and asked how old she was, she said 14. 14, FOURTEEN! What in the world does a 14 year old need with 4 ½ inch suede high heels shoes (man sometimes I have to wonder why I need them and I have a job and clearly an addiction). She said her mom was cool with it, and then I looked at what she had on with her leggings, no underwear (#thugtears) thigh high boots and a cropped leather jacket. That outfit didn’t scream I’m here to learn.

Anyway that little conversation made me pay attention to all of the kids around. They all had on the same kind of outfits, even the girls in their uniforms of khaki colored slacks looked as though they were wearing leggings because they were skin tight. My first thought was where are these kids parents! When I was that age Patsy knew what I was wearing because for the most part she bought all of my clothes. If something was tight, too short or God forbid I didn’t wear a slip my mother would quickly point that out (and if she didn’t my Nana would). Now I don’t think that parents need to make sure these kids are wearing slips (even though proper undergarments will save your life) but really you don’t think that it’s inappropriate that your daughter’s ass is jiggling all up and down Flatbush avenue. If you give your daughter $100 she comes back with skin tight pants why don’t you take them back? You tell her to go get a skirt and she comes back with a mini and some leggings and you go cool? NOPE. That’s not how it works. I remember my sister telling me that once she bought shoes from Bakers and my mom made her take them right back. LOL. I’m sure they were not sky high stilettos but they were cheap and that was a NO. I get it that styles change, I mean here I am as a teenager:

Girbauds hanging baggy, Hilfiger on the top…. That was the style. But this is not just about style, this is about the mindset of these kids. It seems that they really just want to be grown ups now and screw being a kid. I could get on my high horse and blame these artist, music videos, and the oversexed nature of the world but I won’t. I place the burden of blame on the parents, the families, the people that should be blamed because they are not guiding these children and helping them to understand that what you see on TV is not real. When I was teenager there was a dancer in the "Buddy" video with a platinum stripe up the front of her flat top. I WANTED THAT SO BAD, Patsy took me to get a press and curl. When Mc Lyte wore a asymmetrical mushroom Patsy took me to get a press and curl. I wasn’t on TV, I could fantasized until the cows came home but until I had my own money, there was none of that mess. My mother was a parent first, and she made choices for me that assured no one would think I was anything other than the young woman she was raising.

And that is it right there, we are not raising young woman anymore. We're leaving our girls out in the wind expecting them to figure it all out. And sadly there are several generations at this point caught up in that.  So how do we fix this? Do we just right them off as the bad seeds or do we as a community of women get together and raise up the baby girls. 

*goes off to make a change* 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I wanna be ready

My homie is having surgery today, it's nothing major but just in case she meets her untimely demise (as she's calling it) I'm going to make sure her home going is poppin' Here is the track list... She's encouraging my crazy by the way. LOL

DAMN it ADA why you had to go..

*singing*  I tip my 40 to your memory take a drink and I start to think and I know one day soooonnn we'll be hanging out.

We'll play this so your Mama don't try to kill us even though you're the west coast junkie!

and last but not least...
I will do a Mary J. praise dance around my friend coffin to this song: