Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I've learned from twitter

The Royal Wedding edition: 

Now those of you that know me, know I don't give two flying F$%Ks about the Royal, the wedding none of that stuff. I do love the history behind them but that's another post all together. Anyway this morning the world stopped because William and Kate were married. I was on my way to work but twitter kept me quite entertained, here are a few of the things I learned about the Royal Wedding and the watchers. 

Harry is the cooler brother and will have the kids drunk

When the Prince waves, the Princess looks down..interesting.

Princess Catherine's dress was whoa! Thank you Alexander McQueen, by Sarah Burton.
The Queen took a cat nap, shes my idol!

If you were watching the royal wedding you probably havent had sex this year.

If you werent watching and question why every media outlet has been covering it all week you probably havent had sex EVER.

The Brits are funny!

The Royal wedding cost a shit load of taxpayers money, but the taxpayers get a three day weekend. #score.

Did i mention the dress?
her sister looked lovely as well, she wore McQueen by Sarah Burton as well.

The hymns sung at the Royal wedding are hymns we sing here. Go figure since we're all Christians #shrug

There was a Royal wedding viewing in Times Square with music.

People are comparing the coverage to MJ's death.

A LOT of my followers in the States are going to be hella tired.

There is so much more and I never had to turn on the TV to watch. Thank you twitter.

Oh and what i learned from the Jamaican woman on the bus " Gal 'dis a bittasweet moment, his mutha is the only one dem missing" this is true.

Now I hope we can all wish them a happy and successful marriage and more importantly move on with our lives.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Papers Darkie

Last night I debated back and forth whether I would write anything about the "birthers" and the release of the President's birth certificate.. Yes it's a hot button issue for the Repub/Tea party members but for the life of me I can't understand WHY?!
If you've been missing from the world in the last few weeks donald trump a candidate for the republican nomination has been speaking out his ass on a daily basis about President Obama's birth certificate and his legal right to hold the job. When he first started I was sure that eventually the news media would try to just squash this but it's continued and people are actually taking this seriously. *SIGH*

 Where are we? South Africa in the 70's, or the USA in the 1800's, will all people of a darker hue need to start working around with their "Free Man" papers. This (as well as the request to see his grades) is outrageous and a flash back to when Black men had to prove that they were indeed free by providing papers.
A time when Black people were looked at as cattle and property unless by some mistake they were freed and  could reach for the so called American dream.

On some levels I wish President Obama had never released his birth certificate and told them to go F$%K themselves, but I have to believe that he just wants it to stop. Because if it stops we won't be blinded by this reality show "Republican party nominee" but start pay attention to the real issues like the fact that the Ryan Paul budget will be voted on stripping middle class and poor people of necessary programs. I have to believe that like Martin, Malcolm and many others he is willing to sacrifice himself so that we don't get left behind fighting for the wrong things. I have to believe this in order to not lose my shit every day as I ride from the suburbs listening to the white people tear down the President for no other reason that his skin is dark. I'm sure there will be some naysayers that believe this is wasn't about race, but these people are idiots. This is NOTHING MORE than a White is Right, Black is WRONG issue. In the history of this country no other President has been asked to provide any proof of where they were born, or how they became a great student and graduated magna cum laude from any university. They were just accepted low C average, southern farmer drawl and all.

I listened as  Goldie Taylor spoke on The Rachel Maddow show about her article on why he shouldn't have shown the birth certificate and what rang out most to me was this " When they say the want to take their country back, they mean from us"....


Saturday, April 16, 2011

For the Love of all things...

I don't speak about fashion much on this blog because I really do feel like the choices people make in what they wear is theirs alone. Even if it offends my sense of style, or blinds me temporarily it's their choice, however there are just some things that make me wonder WHY? WHY dear Lawd WHY?!

Just to refresh your memory here are the things I have asked Why Lawd, why about more than once... with a new addition:

Flip Flops... Not wearing them but wearing them anywhere other than the BEACH! Do you know what kind of nastiness you pick up on your feet walking around NYC with flip flops on, BLECH! Just gross.

Uggs: Shoes that make your feet look like loaves of bread. Meh don't get it.

Jeggings: We're skinny jeans just not enough? We need leggings that look like jeans too.

And now Junderpants!!!
I learned about Junderpants while sipping tea and reading New York Magazine's The Cut. I had to log off because I was it was just so disturbing. I should have headed the warning on the blog and covered my eyes! Damn my curiosity.  The Junderpant is kind of like a jean short short (or Jort) only stretchy. Is this the male version of those god awful pajama jeans?  I don't even know what to make of this mess, but I'm sure I'll see some in NYC. *Logs back off life*

Friday, April 15, 2011

Love is You!

Five years ago at a firm far far away I met a friend for life, he's smart, sensitive and on more occasions than not a jerk because he's so damn honest. This weekend in the lovely city of New Orleans he will marry the most amazing woman and I couldn't be happier for them. Sadly I won't be in attendance but I thought it would be nice to dedicate today's post to them.

 Ryan and Maggie we love you very very much and we wish for you all the love and happiness in the world. Marriage is a blessing but you two were blessed a long time ago when you first found each other.

*psst Maggie, here's your song, No Tupac though*

With all our love!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Move

Whether you've just started working out today or have been doing it your entire life, it's important that you 1) do it and enjoy it.  There is nothing worse than a boring, workout because it kills your motivation. Our First lady has been very active in speaking out about childhood obesity but the epidemic doesn't start or end with your kids. We as adults need to also adopt the get up and move theory. When I work out at home I make sure to have C.J. working out right along with me, and though he gets crazy and starts doing flips he's moving and I can't be mad.

The Let's Move Campaign has been getting a lot of attention and now Beyonce has gotten in on the mix. I enjoyed it this so much I had to re-post it (thanks @dawsonink), I felt like I was in a real dance class. Enjoy and get your little girls and boys up and out and let's fight obesity in a fun effective way.

I really want to get my nieces to do this and record it, let's see if I can make that happen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stop this train

"See once in a while when it's good

It'll feel like it should
And they're all still around
And you're still safe and sound
And you don't miss a thing
'til you cry when you're driving away in the dark" -- John Mayer

This weekend while relaxing with no real firm plans I started thinking about how fast paced my life actually is now. Between my career, friends, marriage and trying to be a great mother I barely have time to breathe. I'm not complaining because I wouldn't have it any other way but I did have moment of "remember when your life was slower and YOURS". I think every mother has these moments, if they are honest with themselves. Hell every woman has that moment whether it be about career, whether to marry that good guy, decisions to have or don't have kids...the list goes on (and yes men have them too).

I remember when my only thoughts we're will my Nana let me lay on her bed while she watches "murder she wrote", now I barely have time to see her (I call everyday) and its a terrible feeling. Or will my mom let us ride our bikes off the block *looks at dusty bike*

I understand more and more the lyrics of the song quoted above because, sometimes I feel like if this train slowed down I'd be able to regroup, redo and live and delay having to worry about grown up worlds. Ah youthful thinking! So what do you do when you know that you can't slow down life? Well I am deciding to live a little more for the moment, starting with a week long vacation. C.J. will be with me but we will be out and about no matter the weather (Well with the exception of the devil's salt). I think that will help with my mood and my want to slow down life a little. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning when I woke up the news was full of pictures from the protest in Yemen.  My first thought was, in the 36 years I've been alive revolution has always looked the same to me no matter where it took place. And even before I was born the tails of revolution and change were the same.

Birmingham Civil Right movement
The Civil Rights Movement


South Africa Apartheid
South African protest during Apartheid
Yemen 2011
It always look the same, in 36 years it has always looked the same.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Last weekend several bloggers were in town visiting the city. with the exceptions of a few mishaps we had a great time. As per the rules I set, there will be no post about it, but there wasn't really anything ratchet to laugh about. Instead this post is more what I learned about myself.

1. My life is in constant motion. On Friday as I waited for Smarty and Butta_fly to arrive, I cleaned the bathroom, watched 2 episodes of Criminal minds, field calls from my husbands side of the family, spoke with TM, the Jaded NYer and Diapia on IM and still was dressed and ready for them when they arrived. Oh and did I mention I was also doing work as it was a work from home day. HOW DO I managed to do all of this and not pass out every night? I don't know the answer all I can think is that how I function, because when I stop moving I ALWAYS get sick.

2. I am a control freak.  I want things perfect, no glitches, no excuses. And when it doesn't work out I get upset and so annoyed that it takes a huge effort to calm me down.

3. Hosting is not easy. Though my guest were perfect and laid back, with a child and husband in the mix it's hard to be the hostess with the mostest. I thank both these lovely ladies for being so patient.

4. ME + a rooftop and drinks = HAPPY CAMPER.  After dinner I decided that I will take this summer and conquer as many rooftop bars and restaurants as my little budget can handle. I feel so calm when I'm up looking down on the world.

5. My sense of style needs a tweek in common sense, I'm never ever wearing heels out to dance again. Okay that's not completely accurate, I will not wear 5 inch platforms out to dance again. By the time I got those boots off I never wanted to see another pair of shoes again.

So these are a few things I've learned about myself. I had a great time with great people and though I had to go off on twitter on Monday about folks not acting like adults and blaming others. I still had a ball. I can't wait for all of the ladies to get back together and do it again.