Saturday, April 16, 2011

For the Love of all things...

I don't speak about fashion much on this blog because I really do feel like the choices people make in what they wear is theirs alone. Even if it offends my sense of style, or blinds me temporarily it's their choice, however there are just some things that make me wonder WHY? WHY dear Lawd WHY?!

Just to refresh your memory here are the things I have asked Why Lawd, why about more than once... with a new addition:

Flip Flops... Not wearing them but wearing them anywhere other than the BEACH! Do you know what kind of nastiness you pick up on your feet walking around NYC with flip flops on, BLECH! Just gross.

Uggs: Shoes that make your feet look like loaves of bread. Meh don't get it.

Jeggings: We're skinny jeans just not enough? We need leggings that look like jeans too.

And now Junderpants!!!
I learned about Junderpants while sipping tea and reading New York Magazine's The Cut. I had to log off because I was it was just so disturbing. I should have headed the warning on the blog and covered my eyes! Damn my curiosity.  The Junderpant is kind of like a jean short short (or Jort) only stretchy. Is this the male version of those god awful pajama jeans?  I don't even know what to make of this mess, but I'm sure I'll see some in NYC. *Logs back off life*


The Jaded NYer said...

Well clearly this is for gay men circa 1983. Clearly!

Brothers Blog said...

This is just ridiculous. I can't even fathom being paid to wear something like this. I can't & wont! Done!

Kitty said...

oh no :-(