Monday, April 4, 2011

Last weekend several bloggers were in town visiting the city. with the exceptions of a few mishaps we had a great time. As per the rules I set, there will be no post about it, but there wasn't really anything ratchet to laugh about. Instead this post is more what I learned about myself.

1. My life is in constant motion. On Friday as I waited for Smarty and Butta_fly to arrive, I cleaned the bathroom, watched 2 episodes of Criminal minds, field calls from my husbands side of the family, spoke with TM, the Jaded NYer and Diapia on IM and still was dressed and ready for them when they arrived. Oh and did I mention I was also doing work as it was a work from home day. HOW DO I managed to do all of this and not pass out every night? I don't know the answer all I can think is that how I function, because when I stop moving I ALWAYS get sick.

2. I am a control freak.  I want things perfect, no glitches, no excuses. And when it doesn't work out I get upset and so annoyed that it takes a huge effort to calm me down.

3. Hosting is not easy. Though my guest were perfect and laid back, with a child and husband in the mix it's hard to be the hostess with the mostest. I thank both these lovely ladies for being so patient.

4. ME + a rooftop and drinks = HAPPY CAMPER.  After dinner I decided that I will take this summer and conquer as many rooftop bars and restaurants as my little budget can handle. I feel so calm when I'm up looking down on the world.

5. My sense of style needs a tweek in common sense, I'm never ever wearing heels out to dance again. Okay that's not completely accurate, I will not wear 5 inch platforms out to dance again. By the time I got those boots off I never wanted to see another pair of shoes again.

So these are a few things I've learned about myself. I had a great time with great people and though I had to go off on twitter on Monday about folks not acting like adults and blaming others. I still had a ball. I can't wait for all of the ladies to get back together and do it again.


Smarty P. Jones said...

Funny, me and a roof top anything equals an UNhappy camper.

You were a very gracious hostess. You can't control people. And I apologize again for my hissy fit. I don't like to be put in situations that I can't control and I can't control my fear of heights. So ...

And yea, you stay doing the most. I tell you constantly to take a breather. One day, someone will listen to me. :)

Tyrone said... was a great time. Thanks for putting it all together. Next time I will have to leave another hour earlier, cause the BQE is no fun. None.

But it was great to finally meet Smarty, Sheletha and Cathi, and see the everyone else again.

Mommy Lisa said...

I LOVE drinking on rooftops!

ShellyShell said...

I'm sorry I missed all the fun. Next time I hope to be here but Dubai was calling my name! LOL!

YOU know in the summer I STAY on rooftops. There are so many little ones in the city....hidden damn gems! When you go let me know!