Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning when I woke up the news was full of pictures from the protest in Yemen.  My first thought was, in the 36 years I've been alive revolution has always looked the same to me no matter where it took place. And even before I was born the tails of revolution and change were the same.

Birmingham Civil Right movement
The Civil Rights Movement


South Africa Apartheid
South African protest during Apartheid
Yemen 2011
It always look the same, in 36 years it has always looked the same.


12kyle said...

There is no peace without struggle. Sometimes we lose sight of what the struggle truly is. Our people died for us. And sometimes we act as if it never happened. *sigh*

Good post, KD

dejanae said...

revolution, though always met with resistance, prevails in the end. "Wherever injustice persists, i shall decry it and stand in solidarity with those who combat such evils"