Saturday, May 28, 2011

R.I.P Gil Sott-Heron

Last night at around 8:00 my twitter feed blew up with news that Gil Scott-Heron has passed away.  Not always trusting news of death on twitter because that just couldn't be so. But sadly it was. Gil Scott-Heron was a legend, he lived a hard life tainted by addiction and jail time but in my opinion the message he gave us through his music and poetry outshines the trouble times.

R.I.P Gil Scott-Heron, a messenger, a legend.You will never be forgotten.

My favorites:

Probably his most famous:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Support the Arts

See that little girl up there in the not so clear picture (thank you blackberry) she dreamed of being a dancer. She wore tutu's and couldn't wait for December because that's when Alvin Ailey performed! Somewhere down the line she decided that maybe a career outside of the arts would be a better choice, but she still loves to dance, she still loves music and she still gets a tingle every December when Alvin Ailey performs. All grown up and still supporting the arts I was super excited when Ritzi Cortez asked me to spread the word about her new angsy rock musical... *squeal* you all know I love a musical!

Trouble - a brand new rock/pop musical is coming to New York for four days only, as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival. A high octane tale of 6 teenagers experiencing the highs and lows of growing up. With a pulsing rock score by UK composer Ella Grace, fresh exciting choreography by Jennifer Weber and honest, moving story by book writer and director Michael Alvarez, Trouble is set to be a night to remember. Get your ticket now before they sell out!

Tickets $18/ $15 concessions. Get your ticket at the early bird price of $15 if you book before the 27th of May. (Please use the code ADVA when booking to take advantage of this offer) or

I don't think I've ever seen a REAL rock musical but I'm intrigued and have already purchased my ticket! You all need to get on it so that you can save with the early bird discount. YEAH for discounts, it is a recession after all. The show runs July 28th -31st, so come on out and support the arts.

Thank You again to Ritzi for putting me on to this awesome show.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be Prepared

When I was about 8 or 9 I joined a girl scout troop and the motto for all scouts is be prepared. You performed task, you earned badges for being prepared. You could earn badges for all kinds of things like
  • ~ getting fit
  • ~ attending a girl scout trip
  • ~ going to a museum
  • ~ helping the elderly
  • ~ Being raped.... *RECORD SCRATCH* 
I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the girls scouts code in the 1980's but I think if any Girl scouts or Den Mother's in Kentucky want to be able to protect themselves they might need to add that you know as a precaution. You're probably asking why the hell am I making such a ridiculous statement? Well here's why, earlier this week Kansas Rep Peter DeGraaf made the comment that being raped (and subsequently being impregnated by the attacker) is just like having a flat tire. If you don't believe me click here: What a Monster and read for yourself.

This outlandish comment was made after DeGraaf approved a ban on health insurance companies not covering abortions with standard coverage. DeGraff also suggested that rape victims not be covered. When his colleagues disagreed and challenged him (I'd like to think hell was raised)  he simply responded

"We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life?""I have a spare tire on my car.""I also have life insurance," he added. "I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for." 

REALLY? How does a woman plan ahead for physically and mentally violation? Rape is not like a stolen kiss, it's a crime. Men that commit rape often have issues with power and want to dominate the woman they are violating.  There is no way to prepare for that!  But I guess DeGraaf thinks that if you scream loud enough or ask the perpetrator to use a condom, you're prepared. You've prevented a possible pregnancy, while losing your mind, body and soul. There is no victory in that.

When I was in college I attended a take back the night event on campus, none of the women in the crowd or that spoke that night thought yeah well IF I WAS PREPARED I wouldn't feel violated. No they we're scared, hurt and would fight their entire life to overcome the violent nature of these crime.We all cried that night, we bonded and we vowed to stand by each other if ever this was to happen to anyone we loved, that is as prepared as we will ever be.

I posted this article on my FB page because it needed to be shared. People need to see that at every turn, the g.o.p under the disguise of conservatism is attacking women.  They use religion, the bible, and  labels like traditional institutions and family values to put you in your place.  Your womanhood is a threat to their manhood (and their stepford wives) and therefore your rights need to be taken away. It's a disgusting trend that seems to be sweeping across this country. I don't wish harm on any women and I pray that for DeGraaf sake he never has to be the man on the other end of the phone that hears his wife, daughter, grand daughter or any women in his family has been victimized. That they were not prepared.

It doesn't matter what your stance on abortion we all need to stand up and tell DeGaaf that his comments and stance on rape are unacceptable. His information is listed in the link before but just in case here they go again:

DeGraaf's Web site:
office number as 785-296-7693
home phone as             316-777-0715       -
1545 E. 119th St. Mulvane, KS 67110  or

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 baby making mix

This challenge from my lil sis @Mzinspiredmind was to put together a booty call mix based off music from 2010-2011, and since I'm a masochist I accepted. I really don't listen to a lot of music that is on the radio because it just lacks quality. It's the same old message and it annoys me, but a challenge is a challenge.  Girly I had to add a few songs from 2009 I hope you don't mind ;P.

1. "The Point of it All" Anthony Hamilton

2. "Bodies" Cee-Lo

3. "Maybe she'll dream of me" The Foreign Exchange

4. "Amorous" Jessie Boykin III

5. "Softest Lips" Eric Roberson

6."One and Only" Adele

Wait this turned out not to be as hard as I thought. There are so many song I could put on this list from the last two years but I think it might be overkill.

So what songs would be on your baby making list, leave them in the comment section and if I don't already have them i'll make sure to get them soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Secret obsession

*stands up and brushes hair*

Hello my name is Krishna D. and I'm addicted to Criminal Minds.
It started out of sheer boredom and annoyance that nothing was ever on these 1028 channels I pay for. I remember it like it was yesterday (even though it was actually) laying on the sofa flipping channels when I happened upon my first episode, it was about Agent Morgan. He was being accused of killing little black boys in the neighborhood he grew up in. I was hooked! And I've never looked back. I've spent hour upon hour watching this show, my DVR is full of episodes I've saved for my husband too watch and I'm recording them every night. The story lines intrigue me, they confirm a lot of what I already thought about the world and that only makes me want to watch more.Then there are the great quotes opening and closing the show! I've used a few in blog post and I get super excited when I know who the quote is from. Too Nerdy?...meh I don't care I love it!

Somehow I've managed to incorporate the show into my every day life. Like on Saturday while chatting with my sister she asked me about a conversation we had the day before. I was suppose to tell her something but I couldn't remember.  I told her she could blame the B.A.U for my lack of memory. She laughed hysterically, I wasn't joking. I was crushed that I wasn't home in time for the marathon on Sunday but quickly got over that because I had actually seen all of the episodes they were showing.  LOL!

I figure I could have a worse obsession like a man, or stalking of a man so this is pretty harmless. Sure it's made me feel like I could profile every shady person I encounter but I think that just makes me a little more cautious. Especially when it comes to C.J. These are all good things, right?  Of course they are.

I won't stop watching Criminal Minds until the show it taken off the air, I only wish I listened to my sisters a few years ago and started watching then. Come to think of it I think I was wrapped up in some HBO show at that time.... hmm maybe I won't give up Criminal Minds but a little TV time.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Rant

It's starting to get warm here people are shedding layer, some with great new looks others..... well that's not important. With that comes the men and their advancements. In a former life I was would get annoyed when men approach me on the street because usually its just a bad time. But as I've gotten older I've learned to ignore or just smile and politely let them know I'm not interested. A few men have gotten upset, some did not either way I've kept my cool.

However there is always one time always annoys me to no end, that is the approach when I'm with my child. I find it rude and though I'm forced to keep calm I will usually bless a man out without C.J's knowledge. I just find it to be incredibly rude and a thinking man would know that a woman's focus should be on her child. NOT HIS ADVANCES, unless your some crazy kid snatching team like on Criminal Minds. What? This stuff happens but I've gone on a tangent.
The point of all of this is that men be smarter when you approach a woman. Most women are very guarded when they are with their kids and the snarky, GTFOH response you get is your own damn fault. Your intentions might be innocent, but to a mother you just look like a predator. And with that you've already lost the battle.

**And really please stop asking questions like "are you happily married?" Its a dumb question.**

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Career Day

How did I get myself into this? I screamed in the phone to my husband. He laughs and says You'll be fine, its only JHS students and you still have a lot of time to prep so chill. 

Man who asked him to be the voice of reason?

This is just a glimpse into the crazy feelings I've had since I submitted the form for career day at my JHS. What will I tell these young impressionable girls and boys? Do I speak about wall street in general or just about what I do now? I mean I've made my way around the st....wait that doesn't sound right. I've worked in several fields and have failed at some, but succeeded at many more. Do kids even care about trading and Transaction cost? Standard deviation, do i dare? Well probably not because Economics degree and all that shit still confuses me. LOL

I'm sure you might wonder why would I  freak out over a JHS lecture, well P.S.189 is a special school. Unlike any public school I've ever known and how I present myself is VERY important. In my 8 years there I was a shy, book nerd (not much has changed, despite what you hear). Several teachers and the principal Ms. Bruno nurtured me and coaxed me out of my shell, making sure when I left their cozy nest I was ready for the real world. They knew my Mom and knew she didn't play, not with anyone and definitely not with my education. They were just as invested in my success. 

So my return to this school after 22 years means a lot more than just oh I want to speak about what I do. It's the chance for me to show that all the energy put into me has paid off. In short my success whether big or small in some way are because of them and I want to share that with these kids. 

**Now what do I wear?**

Monday, May 2, 2011

Respect your elders....

My mother spoke those words to me at a very young age and for the most part i live by it. But sometimes there are times when elders just cross the damn line and I find myself not able to live by my moms words of wisdom.

Example: a woman maybe in her late 50s was on the train with me and a seat opened up. I was about to offer it to her when she pushed by me causing me to drop my iPod. I was very upset but didn't say anything until she said " maybe if you weren't in the way that wouldn't have happened" to which I replied "I have no tome for this immature nonsense. Clearly all that gray hair hasn't made you wiser so this is a losing battle." 

I know, I know if my mother would have heard me she would have been appalled. But look she didn't have to say anything but sorry and since she didn't respect me enough to apologize for almost breaking my iPod i didn't have a problem showing her no respect. I'm sure this lady assumed i was a child and that she could just say anything and maybe the girl would curse at her but you know what they say about assumptions....

I try my best to be respectful but if its not reciprocated its a losing battle. I understand that they've lived a long life and deserve the respect but living a long life doesn't mean you have the right to be nasty and rude. If anything you should be the happiest person on the earth.
This is my President and I need him to be more like this on the regular. Not so much the funny but the cheeky "In your face assholes"