Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 baby making mix

This challenge from my lil sis @Mzinspiredmind was to put together a booty call mix based off music from 2010-2011, and since I'm a masochist I accepted. I really don't listen to a lot of music that is on the radio because it just lacks quality. It's the same old message and it annoys me, but a challenge is a challenge.  Girly I had to add a few songs from 2009 I hope you don't mind ;P.

1. "The Point of it All" Anthony Hamilton

2. "Bodies" Cee-Lo

3. "Maybe she'll dream of me" The Foreign Exchange

4. "Amorous" Jessie Boykin III

5. "Softest Lips" Eric Roberson

6."One and Only" Adele

Wait this turned out not to be as hard as I thought. There are so many song I could put on this list from the last two years but I think it might be overkill.

So what songs would be on your baby making list, leave them in the comment section and if I don't already have them i'll make sure to get them soon!

1 comment:

12kyle said...

1. What? No Bob Marley? LMAO!!!

2. Do people still make love to music? Maybe us married folks is too lazy to do that stuff? LMAO!!!

3. Good list, tho