Thursday, May 5, 2011

Career Day

How did I get myself into this? I screamed in the phone to my husband. He laughs and says You'll be fine, its only JHS students and you still have a lot of time to prep so chill. 

Man who asked him to be the voice of reason?

This is just a glimpse into the crazy feelings I've had since I submitted the form for career day at my JHS. What will I tell these young impressionable girls and boys? Do I speak about wall street in general or just about what I do now? I mean I've made my way around the st....wait that doesn't sound right. I've worked in several fields and have failed at some, but succeeded at many more. Do kids even care about trading and Transaction cost? Standard deviation, do i dare? Well probably not because Economics degree and all that shit still confuses me. LOL

I'm sure you might wonder why would I  freak out over a JHS lecture, well P.S.189 is a special school. Unlike any public school I've ever known and how I present myself is VERY important. In my 8 years there I was a shy, book nerd (not much has changed, despite what you hear). Several teachers and the principal Ms. Bruno nurtured me and coaxed me out of my shell, making sure when I left their cozy nest I was ready for the real world. They knew my Mom and knew she didn't play, not with anyone and definitely not with my education. They were just as invested in my success. 

So my return to this school after 22 years means a lot more than just oh I want to speak about what I do. It's the chance for me to show that all the energy put into me has paid off. In short my success whether big or small in some way are because of them and I want to share that with these kids. 

**Now what do I wear?**


Mommy Lisa said...

Okay - by what you just said there - you will be great!

Smarty P. Jones said...

You're gonna be great. Wear something you look good in and that you can be comfortable in. Kids will listen to you based on what you are wearing. I hate to say it, but it's true.

Just tell them how much money you work with every day. Kids today are materialistic and they want to know how they can make a bunch of money. Tell 'em how you met with Jimmy Buffet and how you're so good at what you do, mofos request you and you can (and do) deny them.

Throw something in there about how you wouldn't be able to do what you do if you didn't have the education you have, answer some question and wrap it up, B!


Smarty P. Jones said...

Warren Buffet* I'm thinking Margaritaville today. LMAO!

CoogieCruz said...

I did career day at my sister's high school earlier this month and needless to say, they cared more about the firefighters than anything else. However it was still fun and a good experience. You will be absolutely fantastic. Now add me to your blog roll and leave a comment or two on my site some time, thanks.Yup, I am rude.

Ryan said...

tell them to work hard, get in, make cash and get out...this industry is such a hypocritical circus and if you stay in it grows on you like a virus...i'm 10 years in and trying to find the exit...and tell them not to live up or beyond their means...that's how people get trapped and manage to feel bad for themselves when they have to sell their boats every time the newest bubble pops...f your boat, boo-hoo, no one asked you to put your kids in a pre-school that cost as much as a college tuition...