Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Secret obsession

*stands up and brushes hair*

Hello my name is Krishna D. and I'm addicted to Criminal Minds.
It started out of sheer boredom and annoyance that nothing was ever on these 1028 channels I pay for. I remember it like it was yesterday (even though it was actually) laying on the sofa flipping channels when I happened upon my first episode, it was about Agent Morgan. He was being accused of killing little black boys in the neighborhood he grew up in. I was hooked! And I've never looked back. I've spent hour upon hour watching this show, my DVR is full of episodes I've saved for my husband too watch and I'm recording them every night. The story lines intrigue me, they confirm a lot of what I already thought about the world and that only makes me want to watch more.Then there are the great quotes opening and closing the show! I've used a few in blog post and I get super excited when I know who the quote is from. Too Nerdy?...meh I don't care I love it!

Somehow I've managed to incorporate the show into my every day life. Like on Saturday while chatting with my sister she asked me about a conversation we had the day before. I was suppose to tell her something but I couldn't remember.  I told her she could blame the B.A.U for my lack of memory. She laughed hysterically, I wasn't joking. I was crushed that I wasn't home in time for the marathon on Sunday but quickly got over that because I had actually seen all of the episodes they were showing.  LOL!

I figure I could have a worse obsession like a man, or stalking of a man so this is pretty harmless. Sure it's made me feel like I could profile every shady person I encounter but I think that just makes me a little more cautious. Especially when it comes to C.J. These are all good things, right?  Of course they are.

I won't stop watching Criminal Minds until the show it taken off the air, I only wish I listened to my sisters a few years ago and started watching then. Come to think of it I think I was wrapped up in some HBO show at that time.... hmm maybe I won't give up Criminal Minds but a little TV time.


Smarty P. Jones said...

I'm casting my vote for you as the mayor of Crazy Town. How are you this tardy to the party? Annnnnnnnd, I remember you giving Jaded (and me on occasion) a hard time about the SVU reruns. People in glass houses ...

Brothers Blog said...

Love that show. I slept on it for so long until my girl started to watch the reruns and after watching a good # of episodes she put me on and I got addicted too. I think I've seen all the ones they show on tv I'm gonna have to buy the seasons now. Smh.

Black atelier said...

Please like most shows I put you on to it long ago. And you never watched it. smh. Listen to the wise.