Thursday, July 14, 2011


Located in the heart, the fourth Chakra deals with love. It is ultimately blocked by grief. It is symbolized by a lotus flower with twelve petals, twelve add up and reduced to three, three represents the relationship between Wisdom, Power and Love. A powerful way to energize this chakra is to love ourselves and others.  
An Unbalanced chakra causes: Physical problems- thoracic spine, upper back and shoulder problems, asthma, heart conditions, shallow breathing, lung disease like pneumonia. Psychological and Emotional problems - difficulty with love, lack of hope, compassion, 
confidence, despair, moody, envy, fear, jealousy, anger and anxiety.

I don't want to go into too much detail on this one because I've talked about it more than once on this blog.  The loss of family member is hard enough without reliving it over and over again but in an effort to cleanse my 4th Chakra, I had to sit myself down and just let go of the pain.  It still creeps up now and then but letting go of the pain doesn't mean letting go of the person. 

This morning as I waiting for my car to pick me up I started thinking about Bob, and I smiled because if he were here he'd be so proud of my accomplishments in the last year. He's also be giving me a lecture about taxes and all the mess that's going on in D.C. I actually laughed for the first time thinking about him. Right then the car pulled up and I walked out my house to be greeted by a man that not only favored Bob strongly, but spoke and laughed like Bob. I was in shock, he asked about CJ which means he had to have driven us to the train before and I answered quietly,  trying to hold back my tears.  Then he started talking about politics... I couldn't do anything but smile even with the tears in my eyes.  I chatted with the driver and even sat in his car for a few minutes at the station until my train pulled in. When I got out I thanked him for the ride and as he drove away I could hear him singing a Temptation song that was playing on the radio... or maybe that was Bob. All I know is I felt a whole lot of joy as I stepped on the train to work. 

I tell this story to relay that though I've felt a great loss, the energy that is love is born and can be seen in so many things (and people).  My family may have lost a person but the love he had for us and we for him is all around us and will never leave. Only be reborn in the form of new love. 

*this journey to a becoming a greater part of the universe is no joke* 

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Mommy Lisa said...

Its amazing how we find the right signs and sounds and people when we need them.