Wednesday, July 20, 2011

City Girl gone wild

As most of you know I've moved from my beloved Brooklyn to the 'burbs. I knew I'd like owning my own home but I actually love being out here. Sure there are times I miss the creature comforts of  Brooklyn like the bodegas, late night restaurants, Public transportation, reliable cabs but I don't think I'd trade my new digs for any of that. When we decided to buy out here the one thing I said I wanted no parts of was the nature, all these trees, grass and pollen. NO THANK YOU! I made it a point to have the ugly rose bush pulled out because it was going to need work and time I had no plans on giving it! And then it snowed, A LOT!

 and well I forgot all about that plot of land under the bay window. Spring never actually sprung here and all of a sudden it was warm and our house wasn't very pleasing to the eye because it looked like a graveyard. Just dirt and nothing else. I was sad! I thought our gardener would have some ideas but well he barely spoke english and had a hard enough time doing what I asked (bad business). There was no way I was doing it. Look let's be honest if there was a contest and you had to pick two words that would never be associated with me, they'd be DIRT and GARDENING. I don't even really like flowers. So imagine the shock on my husbands face when I said I was going to give it a go. He didn't believe me but as it go closer to CJ'sbirthday I told him I was going to do it! My sister took me to a nursery and I picked out all these lovely flowers:

I'm not ashamed to say that once I picked all the flowers I got real nervous and considered leaving them right in that window! I had to really psych myself up because I had no idea how to really plant flowers. My friend LaKeisha was like what? K you, dig hole, put plant in, water, grow. It can't be that easy is all I thought. I was ready though, so I went out and tackled the grave:

Two hours later I managed to dig out all the roots of that blasted devil rose bush (I hate them) and started planting. and then we had this:
Yeah they are in the ground.
We had some casualties, the Dahlia's didn't make it because they needed to be in the ground by April but the rest of the little one are doing great. Saturday morning I got up planted more lovelies and added some red mulch so now it looks like this:
Still have some work to do, I want a Japanese fern and maybe some more full sun perennials.It may not seem like a big deal to some but for me its HUGE! I never thought I'd utter the words I love gardening but I do. So many reasons but the main one is because it's all mine, no one wants to help and I'm fine with that. I get to listen to music and just relax. YEAH for a new hobby! .


Stacy said...

I liked gardening a lot but I never had the time with Jack. Maybe when he gets to be CJs age I can take it up again.

12kyle said...

Sounds like the suburbs are treating you well. Glad to hear that you have adjusted

Nicole said...

Come over hear because its been three years and I still cant get it right. My neibor asked me how did I kill a hostas plant.

Smarty P. Jones said...

I'm sure you find digging in the dirt relaxing. My dad always tried to tell me that, but I told him I'd take his word for it. LoL!

It's looking good, girl!