Friday, July 29, 2011

Just for giggles

I swear my friends are nuts, no one believes me but here is the proof! 

ME: let me put alvin ailey down so I dont forget that too!

The JadedNyer: you will def cry if you miss that

ME: like a baby! even though I can watch it anytime I want. and act it out in my living room
is it me or was this years concert series just BLAH like Jagged Edge, who wants to see them

The JadedNyer: yeah, there was nothing there that excited me. Saved me a 4-hr wait in line, though LOL

ME: but we didn't get to see the dudes in the park, that's our summer thing. DAMN this depression!
This needs to be fixed so that I can get my free concert on and the rappers can get their jew-els!

The JadedNyerl: lol

ME: I blame ALL republicans and Tea party members for my lack of good free shows.

The JadedNyer: funny, I was going to blame Obama O_o

ME: NO why you always harping on the Black MAN?!

The JadedNyer:  LMAO!

ME: We're all African Jaded! it ain't right

The JadedNyer: Not me; I'm european. Can't you see my fair skin, light eyes and fine hair? SAY YES!!!

ME: let me save this IM so when you're ready to come back to this side I can say OH REMEMBER THIS SUCKA

The JadedNyer: LMAO!!!

ME: I should just blog it. mmmhhmmm

* and there you have it, the nutter butters that make my world better* LOL

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