Friday, July 22, 2011

My newest Obsession

Now that I've watched every single Criminal Minds two or more times it was time to let that obsession go *looks over shoulder at suspicious dude in hood*. All the lessons they've given me are greatly appreciated but its summer now and it's time for some fun... Enter my new obsession: FLASH MOBS!

It all started with this funny commercial:

and well you know I tweeted about it and quickly realized I'm not the only one going all crazy for a flash mob!  And one of my followers sent me the link for the Toronto flash mob she was in, I was so excited and watched several you tube videos. Like this one:

aww they are so cute. Don't watch past 0:42, this guy is just a weirdo.
I saw some awful ones too, they all seemed to involve dancing to Lady Gaga in Europe.No thanks.


So now I'm back into them and I even know where I want it to take place.. HOME DEPOT! I mean what better place, it's just wide open space where you can get to twerking it! I know if I get it together that my girl @SpicyOriginal will be there, even though she wants to do it at a Dollar Tree. I don't know about that Dollar tree always smells funny, LOL!

Anyway if you can't find me I'm off choreographing for my flash mob attack on NYC! If you're in, hit me in the comment section!

Now someone find me a camera man and some booming speakers.


Kitty said...

LOL Thanks for the shout out lovey!! Yes I'm going to flash mob at Dollar Tree to "Racks on Racks". We are gonna ball out at that dollar store!! haha! :) :)

Stacy said...

That is definitely a pretty amazing flash mob but I haven't seen a ton of them. I didn't even know what they were until I saw that episode of Modern Family. I am so oblivious to anything when I am shopping, I probably would either A) completely not notice or worse, B) accidentally plow my cart right through them without realizing what is going on. =)