Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I've learned: The hurricane edition.

The tree in my backyard.

When I first started writing this blog on Sunday morning I was going to take a very light hearted look at NY hurricane survival. Stuff like

*hurricane preparedness means going out to buy the latest in rain gear at high end boutiques.
* stocking up on wine, beer and of course champagne because what else would you celebrate with post storm.
* healthy food? What's that please pass the donuts.ver

And then I took a visit my FB timeline after posting a REAL picture of what happens in a hurricane, after watching rescue teams save people in little boats, and wanted to scream. People were actually saying things like, oh this storm was weak, what happened to all the damage and my favorite  they got what they wanted, "this was just a plot to make people spend money, boost the stock market and get what they want" o_O

Are you freaking kidding me people? I made it known in my status that I would voice my opinion here because I would have been on FB all night otherwise. When this blog goes live it will be the 6th anniversary of Katrina and I am sitting looking out the window of my house at nothing but darkness. Trees uprooted, some completely fallen down and there is no power within 5 block north, south and east of me.  So NO I'm not floating on a car, or scavenging for food, or fighting to survive but that doesn't make the effects any less real. It seems to me some of you wanted to be put to the worst just to have a gat damn story, or maybe you needed a day off from work but complaining that we were spared death and devastation is RI-FUCKING-DICULOUS!

I may not have power but all I lost were creature comforts like my TV. And you know what I can think of worse thing  than missing  VMAs, or True Blood. My family is safe, my house is still standing and I'm blessed to see another day. Some of you might want to remember that, get down on your knees and Thank whatever God, Goddess, Pope or just Good old Mother Nature and thank them for that. And while you're at it send prayers up for the people that DID lose their lives, homes and missed more than Beyonce announcing that she's pregnant.

Now for the last comment, the conspiracy theory is dumb. It shows just how uneducated and foolish people can be. If you wanted to survive the hurricane without provisions then go on and do that. No one forced you into the store, I didn't go the store and buy 40 loaves of bread, and boxes of cereal I went and replaced the things I needed. Did I believe the weatherman when he said the storm was going to be intense and devastating. Hell yeah I did. But I knew it wasn't the end of the world (as we know it, you know you have to say it that way. Thanks REM), I just knew I needed to be prepared because I have a child and he's my first priority. Never did it cross my mind that maybe The Man was trying to keep me down with a NATURAL fucking disaster. If you believed that this hurricane was some ploy to get the Dow up I need you to log off life, not just Facebook, LIFE. Pick up a damn book and read about how the world really works. THE END.

*drops mic*

What you were waiting for a baby bump rub? Not gonna happen B!

You want real devastation look at this pic I copied from a friend's facebook page in NJ!
THIS IS A HOSPITAL! Still complaining?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

This morning was probably the WORST ever. Any and everything that could have gone wrong did and it started last night. Which if you know me means I didn't sleep and when I did drift off I had some crazy nightmare. UGH
All that said I've made myself a promise to remain in my zen like state even when I want to crumble into tears and just get back into bed.

So sticking with my Thursday theme of self-assessment and positivity, I thought I'd share a few songs from my "Get it together playlist". YES I know I owe you all the final Chakra and I will write about it next week I PROMISE! Now Enjoy the music.

Jill Scott: Golden

Kirk Franklin Hide Me: 

India Arie, Come back to the middle

I feel better just posting these.

OH SNAP I forgot to post a Beres song, well here you go.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Help.

My older sister heads a minority program at a prestigious school.

I have had a pretty amazing Wall Street career

My younger sister is the Dean at a Charter school.

My mom has worked for the NYC BOE for many years.

All of our achievements started when my Nana left South Carolina and ventured North. Back then the only jobs for colored women were domestics and so this proud woman took her first and only domestic job. Long story short after a day she told them to kiss her ass and never looked back. Some may see that as a funny story but to us its our history. A history steeped in strength and pride. The same strength that radiates through every word in The Help.

After my homie Smarty went off on twitter I knew I had to finish this post and have my say. In the past few months leading up to the movie release of "the Help" several pieces have surfaced condemning it. Strangely most of the authors had not read the book, nor pre-screened the movie their venom strictly directed at the subject matter. "Black women playing Mammies and maids in this day and age is a disgrace", I read somewhere and was Colored me confused. Anyone that has read the book can tell you  that being a maid was just their jobs, no different than if these women had high power careers where they were discriminated against. These characters were much more than that. But I was confused because I don't get how 
one judges something they now NOTHING about? Slapping a "Pro-black,  I don't need any white people telling me" sticker on things just to make a point. A point that I find to be ridiculous and only serves to makes things worse.  This book /movie is meant to uplift and remind us of the struggles that our people went through so we could write, work non-domestic jobs, hell so we could do something as simple as live where we want and ride the bus. Too many of  us want to believe that civil rights was won by college degree having men and women only, because everything else is too shameful. But that is false. Everyday Joe and Joans really made the movement,  sacrificing their lives, just like the maids in this book. They risked everything to tell the world WE ARE PEOPLE and you will treat us as such. And please miss me with the we didn't do it with the help of white people because now you're fooling yourself.

I admit I don't want to see the movie because I know it will ruin the feeling I had while reading the book, Hollyweird has a way of doing that. But My Nana hasn't given me much of a choice so I'll be seeing it next week, I'd hate to get on her bad side. :)

*To quote the Great Smarty Smarty (sing like Patti Patti)  "regardless of what we do, unless we own the company, we are still in a position of servitude and we are still subordinate."*

and your Beres song for the day!

not a damn thing to do with this post but it's BERES Week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beres Hammond is the truth

I've said it before and I'll say it again Beres Hammond is one of my all time favorite Reggae singer. When Beres sings I will shake the big girl shoes and dance all night long. His songs are timeless and have the power to uplift or make you swoon. I just love me some Beres and I'll be seeing him with some awesome gals in a few days and I CANT WAIT!

So I've decided that no matter what I write about for the next few days I'll post a Beres video for your listening pleasure. And if anyone has a problem with it I'll have a coconut to pick with you. So here we go!

I  feel good:

 Come back home: 

Beres Mix:

Pull Up featuring Buju Banton (*wipes tears WHYYY BUJU WHY????)
Standing in my way
Double Trouble (this is my sisters favorite song)
Show it off 
Can't Stop a Man
Groovy Little Thing
Not Official Yet
Sweet Lies

Thursday, August 4, 2011


"Ajna" Intuition
Located on the forehead between the eyes, is the Third Eye Chakra. It is connected to our intuition, imagination, and our wisdom. Our third eye allows us to focus on the big pictureThe emotion for the 6th chakra is "knowing", an intuitive type of knowing. When this chakra is dominant, one may have clairvoyant abilities...being able to see things that others can't. When the energy in the 6th chakra is excessive, it can cause headaches, hallucinations, nightmares and difficulty in concentrating.But when the energy is deficient, there may be eye problems, poor memory, inability to visualize
As the description above says Ajna deals with intuition, or the third eye we've all called it. In my 36 years I can't say that I've always relied on my third eye, I've made some incredible mistakes in my life but I believe that making the mistakes and growing from them served to  strengthen my third eye. Trusting myself and the universe even in the amounts I do now was a hard thing but trusting, has helped me stay focused on my Yoga practice, my family and career. It's a wonderful feeling. I've also been able to escape the pitfalls of drama that so many find themselves. I guess along this journey I've come to realize though I am connected to all beings in this world they don't have to consume me. That goes especially for the people closest to me. *that's growth right there, TRUST*

There is no real story for this chakra because I'm still a work in progress but what I learned on this journey has been monumental.My Yogi (oh y'all thought I was doing this on my own, NOPE) has assured me that I will clear this Chakra as I've done with the others. She also said it is common for people to stall at the 5th chakra because the last two chakras deal with your cosmic being. Essentially letting go of worldly attachments and releasing yourself to the universe. That is some SCARY shit man! But I'm up for the challenge, I might finally get to a place where I can narrow my third eye and surrender to the universe allowing it to guide me without earthly interference. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take it Personal: Twitter Beef and why you're a fool for caring.

On Monday several people on my TL were tweeting things I found annoying and couldn't get behind. One kept tweeting about what Ni99as do( I don't use that word, bye), another about her fantasy life,  and the last one well let's just say I've been annoyed by him for some time. I could have muted them but that would mean I was keeping them around for the sake of numbers and well I'm not about that life.

I thought nothing of it until my homies told me that one of them called me a bitch and said I unfollowed because what she said must have hit close to home. I almost choked from laughing so hard.  is this for real? Hit close to home? LORRD these characters on twitter. Oh the giggle I got.

 If you've read this blog or know me in real life you know I don't do beef, especially not the internet kind. I simply do not care that much nor do I have time to indulge in such foolishness. I've met tons of people through blogging and twitter and many of them have become like family BUT that shit doesn't apply to everyone. Sure we might have shared a laugh but that doesn't mean  we're all BFF, you should take the LOSS on the followers and move on. ITS JUST TWITTER (google+, EVEN FB)for the love of God.

And honestly it might be different if we'd actually known each other but to quote Jay Z (again) "(s)he's not real to me which means he doesn't exist so poof, vamoose son of a bitch.

*Look I'm not interested in having a coconut between me and people I know, much less people with imaginary lives* *skips away*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Damn 'Tasia

That was my first reaction when I learned that Fantasia announced she was pregnant. I prayed she had some common sense and it wasn't for that boy she tried to off herself over. *Prayed in vein* The gossip blogs and twitter were a blaze with jokes but all I felt was sadness. Sadness that desperation and probable depression seem to still be governing her life. 

This post isn't about the baby, the infidelity or suicide attempt, but about the mind set of our young (and not so young) women today.  It seems to me that in an effort not to be alone some women are accepting just any old advances. I've heard women defend their actions by saying you can't help who you fall in love with, which might be true (uhm I don't buy that but if it makes y'all feel better than okay) but you do control how that love grows. If you're 6months in and you find out not only is the man married but has several children, or that his so called separation is not a legal one and has been going on for 2 years you can end the relationship, take the L and move on. But lately no one does that they'd rather play second class gambling on the hopes of one day m #1 and that is a sad place to be. 

From Fantasia and Alicia Keys to the random girl that knowingly creeps self esteem is at an all time low and men are taking advantage of it. I don't know how anyone gets to the place where they do not see themselves as worthy of being the one and only in their partners life before they decide to sleep with them. AND UNPROTECTED!  

Someone needs to tell these women that your sanity is worth so much more than some good D,  and a possible pregnancy or your health. Choosing to throw your self esteem under the bus is stupid enough, but sleeping with a man you know is unfaithful is just selfish and idiotic. Back in the day you might have caught a well deserved beatdown but now in a world where women are contracting HIV and other STDs at alarming rates I have to wonder if your head is attached. 

There are people that will say oh it's upbringing and what you're parents taught you and that is partially true but after 25 you have to start taking responsibilty for your decisions and I'm sorry Fanny but this was not a smart move.  You spoke to a group of fans about loving themselves enough to make smart choices, maybe you should listen to your own advice and start loving yourself more. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brooklyn on facebook = Not for me.

This week some genius created a facebook page called "Your from Brooklyn if" (yes it said YOUR not You're) and the people went wild. My friend Dee added me to the page and before I knew it I had 3,000 (not really but there were a LOT of them) emails telling me what made me a real Brooklynite. Some of them were cool, and some were just RIDICULOUS and I started to get annoyed with the stupid things people were saying.  There were some great ones like:

* you know you're from Brooklyn if you always get your sandwiches from Farmer in the deli*
* you know you're from Brooklyn if someone called you a Lo-Life and you weren't offended*
*you know you're from Brooklyn if you ever had to snuff somebody"

These are things that made you remember growing up in Brooklyn, things that were uniquely yours as a Brooklynite. And just as soon as the memories started the bullshit leaked in. Stupid shit about everyone from Brooklyn living in the projects,having Rottweilers tied to doors, robbing bodegas and other BS I care not to mention. I decided to just ignore the post after that. Then came the other pages You know you're from DC and Jamaica Queens page and my head damn near exploded when I saw a friend of mine post that there was a Brooklyn vs. Queens page and people were basically fighting. WHAT IN ALL THE HELL? Fighting with people because they are from Queens? I think not.

I just happened to check in on Saturday after a really long nap and the BS continued and got more ignorant with the "your from East Harlem" page, not one post I saw in my TL had anything to do with being from East Harlem and more to do with stupid stereotypes of both Black people and Hispanics. Color me annoyed. Not because all of the pages crept up but because I can't understand how the ignorance is what you want to celebrate about your younger days growing up in the city. I would think these pages were meant to celebrate our diversity and our love of where we come from, which was why I stayed in the group. After seeing references to hair, robbing and murder on these pages I knew it was time for me to leave and block all these other groups from my stream.

I'm from Brooklyn, I love my borough but the FB page dedicated to it I love not.