Monday, August 1, 2011

Brooklyn on facebook = Not for me.

This week some genius created a facebook page called "Your from Brooklyn if" (yes it said YOUR not You're) and the people went wild. My friend Dee added me to the page and before I knew it I had 3,000 (not really but there were a LOT of them) emails telling me what made me a real Brooklynite. Some of them were cool, and some were just RIDICULOUS and I started to get annoyed with the stupid things people were saying.  There were some great ones like:

* you know you're from Brooklyn if you always get your sandwiches from Farmer in the deli*
* you know you're from Brooklyn if someone called you a Lo-Life and you weren't offended*
*you know you're from Brooklyn if you ever had to snuff somebody"

These are things that made you remember growing up in Brooklyn, things that were uniquely yours as a Brooklynite. And just as soon as the memories started the bullshit leaked in. Stupid shit about everyone from Brooklyn living in the projects,having Rottweilers tied to doors, robbing bodegas and other BS I care not to mention. I decided to just ignore the post after that. Then came the other pages You know you're from DC and Jamaica Queens page and my head damn near exploded when I saw a friend of mine post that there was a Brooklyn vs. Queens page and people were basically fighting. WHAT IN ALL THE HELL? Fighting with people because they are from Queens? I think not.

I just happened to check in on Saturday after a really long nap and the BS continued and got more ignorant with the "your from East Harlem" page, not one post I saw in my TL had anything to do with being from East Harlem and more to do with stupid stereotypes of both Black people and Hispanics. Color me annoyed. Not because all of the pages crept up but because I can't understand how the ignorance is what you want to celebrate about your younger days growing up in the city. I would think these pages were meant to celebrate our diversity and our love of where we come from, which was why I stayed in the group. After seeing references to hair, robbing and murder on these pages I knew it was time for me to leave and block all these other groups from my stream.

I'm from Brooklyn, I love my borough but the FB page dedicated to it I love not.

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12kyle said...

This is funny! LoL

Apparently, this post was going around this wknd b/c I saw some posts saying You Know You're from Florence... They were ok. Nothing offensive and most brought back good memories of my hometown.

It could have been worse. I saw one that said...You Know You're from Charleston if you ate pigs feet out of the jar