Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Damn 'Tasia

That was my first reaction when I learned that Fantasia announced she was pregnant. I prayed she had some common sense and it wasn't for that boy she tried to off herself over. *Prayed in vein* The gossip blogs and twitter were a blaze with jokes but all I felt was sadness. Sadness that desperation and probable depression seem to still be governing her life. 

This post isn't about the baby, the infidelity or suicide attempt, but about the mind set of our young (and not so young) women today.  It seems to me that in an effort not to be alone some women are accepting just any old advances. I've heard women defend their actions by saying you can't help who you fall in love with, which might be true (uhm I don't buy that but if it makes y'all feel better than okay) but you do control how that love grows. If you're 6months in and you find out not only is the man married but has several children, or that his so called separation is not a legal one and has been going on for 2 years you can end the relationship, take the L and move on. But lately no one does that they'd rather play second class gambling on the hopes of one day m #1 and that is a sad place to be. 

From Fantasia and Alicia Keys to the random girl that knowingly creeps self esteem is at an all time low and men are taking advantage of it. I don't know how anyone gets to the place where they do not see themselves as worthy of being the one and only in their partners life before they decide to sleep with them. AND UNPROTECTED!  

Someone needs to tell these women that your sanity is worth so much more than some good D,  and a possible pregnancy or your health. Choosing to throw your self esteem under the bus is stupid enough, but sleeping with a man you know is unfaithful is just selfish and idiotic. Back in the day you might have caught a well deserved beatdown but now in a world where women are contracting HIV and other STDs at alarming rates I have to wonder if your head is attached. 

There are people that will say oh it's upbringing and what you're parents taught you and that is partially true but after 25 you have to start taking responsibilty for your decisions and I'm sorry Fanny but this was not a smart move.  You spoke to a group of fans about loving themselves enough to make smart choices, maybe you should listen to your own advice and start loving yourself more. 

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The True Urban Queen said...

I have a few people I would like to ask, "why don't you love yourself?"

Taken men, multiple men, men they have only known a few days or weeks.

I am a firm believer that you can not blame your parents for the way you continue to live or anything that happened to you in your childhood. As an individual you have the power to control and change your future. Someone who was abused does not have the right or excuse to continue the abuse.

Anyway, some of these women . .. if not the majority know that a man is taken but, they just don't care.

Some women are just so desperate for affection and attention they will take it from any dick they can get it from (pardon the language).

And all about the unprotected sex. SMH. I know things happen but when a young girl says, "well I used birth control" uumm yeah and what about condoms. Yes, mistakes happen and people can get caught up in the heat of the moment but, for those who are practicing unprotected sex and/or sex with multiple partners . . . it is a dangerous passion that can cost you more than your dignity.

As an HIV/AIDS Awareness advocate I will spare you the sermon but this is my post . .ur . .comment. haha