Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take it Personal: Twitter Beef and why you're a fool for caring.

On Monday several people on my TL were tweeting things I found annoying and couldn't get behind. One kept tweeting about what Ni99as do( I don't use that word, bye), another about her fantasy life,  and the last one well let's just say I've been annoyed by him for some time. I could have muted them but that would mean I was keeping them around for the sake of numbers and well I'm not about that life.

I thought nothing of it until my homies told me that one of them called me a bitch and said I unfollowed because what she said must have hit close to home. I almost choked from laughing so hard.  is this for real? Hit close to home? LORRD these characters on twitter. Oh the giggle I got.

 If you've read this blog or know me in real life you know I don't do beef, especially not the internet kind. I simply do not care that much nor do I have time to indulge in such foolishness. I've met tons of people through blogging and twitter and many of them have become like family BUT that shit doesn't apply to everyone. Sure we might have shared a laugh but that doesn't mean  we're all BFF, you should take the LOSS on the followers and move on. ITS JUST TWITTER (google+, EVEN FB)for the love of God.

And honestly it might be different if we'd actually known each other but to quote Jay Z (again) "(s)he's not real to me which means he doesn't exist so poof, vamoose son of a bitch.

*Look I'm not interested in having a coconut between me and people I know, much less people with imaginary lives* *skips away*


The True Urban Queen said...

I haven't unfollowed anyone . . .though some days I want to . . because everyone is entitled to their opinion and to tell all their business. Well, on Facebook I did unfriend a girl who keep putting up derogatory things about Obama but, she was hateful. Like I was like did he leave you for Michelle? She was so bitter.
Anyway, I don't mute people because what would be the point of following someone if I am going to mute them.
I just try to ignore the tweets. Or pass judgment . . . either one works.

Smarty P. Jones said...

LoL @ "having a coconut." Girl, you are right to keep it moving with these dumb ass people. I ain't got time for people who put entirely too much stock into people they don't know.

These folks need to get some semblance of a life and keep it moving.