Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I've learned: The hurricane edition.

The tree in my backyard.

When I first started writing this blog on Sunday morning I was going to take a very light hearted look at NY hurricane survival. Stuff like

*hurricane preparedness means going out to buy the latest in rain gear at high end boutiques.
* stocking up on wine, beer and of course champagne because what else would you celebrate with post storm.
* healthy food? What's that please pass the donuts.ver

And then I took a visit my FB timeline after posting a REAL picture of what happens in a hurricane, after watching rescue teams save people in little boats, and wanted to scream. People were actually saying things like, oh this storm was weak, what happened to all the damage and my favorite  they got what they wanted, "this was just a plot to make people spend money, boost the stock market and get what they want" o_O

Are you freaking kidding me people? I made it known in my status that I would voice my opinion here because I would have been on FB all night otherwise. When this blog goes live it will be the 6th anniversary of Katrina and I am sitting looking out the window of my house at nothing but darkness. Trees uprooted, some completely fallen down and there is no power within 5 block north, south and east of me.  So NO I'm not floating on a car, or scavenging for food, or fighting to survive but that doesn't make the effects any less real. It seems to me some of you wanted to be put to the worst just to have a gat damn story, or maybe you needed a day off from work but complaining that we were spared death and devastation is RI-FUCKING-DICULOUS!

I may not have power but all I lost were creature comforts like my TV. And you know what I can think of worse thing  than missing  VMAs, or True Blood. My family is safe, my house is still standing and I'm blessed to see another day. Some of you might want to remember that, get down on your knees and Thank whatever God, Goddess, Pope or just Good old Mother Nature and thank them for that. And while you're at it send prayers up for the people that DID lose their lives, homes and missed more than Beyonce announcing that she's pregnant.

Now for the last comment, the conspiracy theory is dumb. It shows just how uneducated and foolish people can be. If you wanted to survive the hurricane without provisions then go on and do that. No one forced you into the store, I didn't go the store and buy 40 loaves of bread, and boxes of cereal I went and replaced the things I needed. Did I believe the weatherman when he said the storm was going to be intense and devastating. Hell yeah I did. But I knew it wasn't the end of the world (as we know it, you know you have to say it that way. Thanks REM), I just knew I needed to be prepared because I have a child and he's my first priority. Never did it cross my mind that maybe The Man was trying to keep me down with a NATURAL fucking disaster. If you believed that this hurricane was some ploy to get the Dow up I need you to log off life, not just Facebook, LIFE. Pick up a damn book and read about how the world really works. THE END.

*drops mic*

What you were waiting for a baby bump rub? Not gonna happen B!

You want real devastation look at this pic I copied from a friend's facebook page in NJ!
THIS IS A HOSPITAL! Still complaining?

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The True Urban Queen said...

All of this!!! I get so pissed when people make fun or complain about the news or a government office telling them to prepare. I get even more angry when people are complaining about how weak a storm was like they were wishing to lose all there possessions or watch their family members perish ESPECIALLY, when that weak storm took someone's life. I went on Twitter like y'all do know someone's child die!

I will spare you the story of all the storms we have been through and how I just prayed that one of these trees doesn't fall on my house. But recently we had an experience with a flash flood that occurred while we were out shopping and I will always respect the power of nature.