Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop the Violence

*I wanted to write a post talking about what a great time I had at the Labor Day Parade in my beloved Brooklyn.
* I wanted to tell you all about the amazing colors and all the happiness that surrounded us.
* I wanted to share with you about the culture, the music, and brag about all the delicious food we had.
*I wanted to say that it was the best time I've had on that street in a long time

And even though all of this is True (I had a great time with @TheJadedNYer, her daughter N, @WriteinBK and CJ) something else weighs heavy on my heart. THE VIOLENCE! This weekend 43 people were killed in a 48hr period, though not all in Brooklyn a LARGE number of them were. A police officer was shot after the parade, as were two men after the parade was over. I don't like to attach all the violence to the parade (several of the shooting were no where near the parade route) but the media does and so it becomes the Labor day parade shootings. And without fail SOMETHING happens every year!
I don't understand it! Why is a day that's suppose to be fun, and all about love and unity ALWAYS ends in violence?

As I read the different accounts of what happened this weekend I felt sick to my stomach. And then I read the comments (which everyone knows I don't do) and that only made it worse. Why don't these kids understand that their actions send us back hundreds of years? Why are the kids today so ready to end their lives and others over a 5 second argument? It breaks my heart. It just seems like no one believes in walking away or just shooting the fair one and moving on! So desensitized by music and movies that glorifies a fast life, with fast endings.

Those of us over 30 remember the Stop the Violence movement and why it was so necessary. Is it possible that we've just crossed back into that time where life, Black life is just that worthless. I don't know how we go about solving this problem again and giving these kids some sense of self worth, but what I do I know is if this keeps up the only place you will be able to hear Soca will be in your homes. The Parade and J'ouvert  will be no more. Just another loss to Black culture.


Stacy said...

I missed my nephew's high school football game this past Friday because I had took a nap late in the afternoon and then was behind and never made it out of the house. I felt bad about missing his first home game until my sister called me hysterical because she was in the middle of the parking lot with five kids and her husband and hundreds of strangers and someone was shooting and kids were laying on the ground. KIDS...high school kids. I felt so completely disgusted that we live in a world where kids think so little of themselves and others to end it over something that could never in a million years be worth it. And now I won't feel comfortable bringing my toddler to see his cousin, Boobie, play his senior year of football.

Tiffany said...

This is disgusting. All I heard while I was up there last year was, "you have to come back for Labor Day!" With this taking place, I think I will stay my happy ass right here where I am.

This inability of people of color to get together and have a good time saddens me. This is why people are taught to fear people of color in large crowds - because a small segment of the population doesn't know how to conduct themselves.

I hope this is handled or else that weekend will be a distant memory for y'all and a moment in history for your children.

P.S. Those of us under 30 remember the Stop the Violence movement. #justsaying