Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BLACK Pride No more.

A few days ago I logged into twitter and was created by the trending topic du jour "Only Black People say" *sigh* Usually I am free of the ridiculousness of trending topics because I don't use the web, but one of my friends (*side eye Dany*) decided to get into this one.
I decided to click the hashtag to see if even one person would take it and flip it to offer a little glimpse of pride. The answer ....NO! After two pages I saw the same ignorance repeated, RT over and over again.

I don't know what I thought would actually come out of clicking on the link, I guess I'm guilty of hoping that one day we'll get it together as a people and stop pushing Mr. Charlie out of the way so we could just lay down under the bus. In true form I went off in the Jaded Nyer's gchat. My biggest problem with these TTs is that despite the claims of there being a "Black and White Twitter" there is really only ONE an open forum where we need to be careful of the images we portray about ourselves. It's hard for me to understand why we need to join in on the bullying of ourselves, if you just need to feel like the outcast in the playground turn on the TV, read the blogs, google what Black people say. Nothing but bulls eyes pointed at your Black skin, your Black hair, your Blackness.  Some may think I am taking this way too seriously because trending topics are just about the fun but this are only adding to the already damaged view of us. It saddens me.

I won't go on because every it's only serving to make me angrier. So I challenge you to leave a POSITIVE response to "Only Black People say" in the comment section. I'll start you off with some things I've said:

Only Black People Say the Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

Only Black People say Be Black, Shine and aim high. (one of my favorite quotes)

Only Black people say.... now it's your turn

It looks like I might be off these social networks more often. After the debate on using the N word to describe yourself I had yesterday I'm pretty worn out.

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Tyrone said...

This is why I ignore Trending topics.