Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For the last two years I've had to deal with the headache of dressing CJ up for Halloween. It's the most annoying process EVER, and I find myself hoping that he will become all revolutionary and refuse to participate. But that hasn't happened because kids love candy! 

This year we got a head start on the costume war but of course the stores didn't have what he wanted.  I mean really how hard is it to have a Lion-o costume for kids! The show is back on and from what I gather pretty popular, so what gives? I mean is there any sort of foreshadowing done with these companies, JEEZ! After an exhaustive search he decided on a ninja and though I was happy to be done I couldn't shake the feeling that Halloween is not that innocent day you get candy anymore. While walking up and down aisles with CJ I realized that all the costumes for grown women (and teenagers) started with Sexy. Sexy firefighters, sexy nurses, sexy armed forces, I even saw a sexy M&M costume! Really? You need a costume based off a peanut stuffed candy to be sexy? There is clearly something VERY wrong with this. 

The world these kids live in is already so oversexed. From TV to music our kids are getting bombarded with these images and regardless of how tough we think they are, there are negative effects. The recent issue with the 14 year old "servicing" her ex on tape is the perfect example. Now maybe she didn't dress up for Halloween but she has obviously been exposed to too much and not enough emphasis has been put on her self worth. And why are grown women so in need of attention that they can't dress up like a REAL doctor instead they dress up like a Sexy one, which consists of fishnets and a stethoscope? It's all very disheartening. 

Maybe it shouldn't be such a big deal because Halloween is about dressing up and having fun but what are we teaching our girls if we allow dress up that leaves them open to worst our society has to offer? 

These are the days I thank my lucky stars I have a boy. Because if we had a girl, the poor child would be covered from head to toe just so her dad would let her out the house.

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