Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Lucky ones get a chance at a normal life"-- Very Young Girls

A few months ago I watched the documentary "Very Young Girls", to say that I was devastated by the time it was ended would be the understatement of the year. "Very Young Girls" follows several thirteen and fourteen year old as they battle their way out of the sex trade industry... YES I said 13 and 14 year olds.

In deeply moving interviews the girls tell stories of being tricked, traded and forced into sex slavery by pimps and we watch as they struggle to get away from "The life" as they call it.  Though all of the girls are in different places of their transition there is one constant, these little girls are so psychologically scared that they believe they love these pimps and sadly don't believe they deserve happiness.  Even through the occasional jokes and laughter it's all still there. Thankfully Rachel Lloyd and her amazing staff are there to guide them. 

Throughout the movie I cried and cried because I am baffled at how we've gotten to this place as a people. Little girls are not to be raped, prostituted and harmed, they are to be protected. Have we just shifted to this one of the countries American's love to bash, oh the women there have no rights...well guess what American women and girls are being treated as poorly as the women overseas. Sure we don't have to wear burkas but in a  society where police officers can't look past their duties and see little girls are not out there by choice but because of fear and need to be protected where does that leave us?  Lost.

Obviously moved by this film I wanted to help and donated money to the cause. But I am wondering what more can I do. I joined the GEM council of daughters but still it never seems enough, I want to actually be hands on and offer the guidance I was so lucky to get from my mom. I know it's a delicate situation and they can't let everyone in so I'll wait and see when they allow for mentors again. In the meantime I wanted to ask you to support their cause by

1.Watching the Movie: Very Young Girls and the campaign video Hotel Room
2.Donating to their latest fundraiser: GEM 30 Day Matching Gift
3. Remember these girls are not here by choice, don''t judge them. Help them.

* I am so blessed to have been in a home where my mother was an overly active part of my life.*  Thank you V, for recommending the movie.

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Barb said...

found this while looking for the movie, very young girls. I was a young girl myself on the streets of New York during the 60s and 70s. I am now a 55 year old woman. And there is not a day that I am not reminded of something from that time. I do not live in the past, It is more like when I hear young people say things like "Pimp my ride, and shes a ho" that I am horrified and sad. I too want to do something, and I am. I have a website, brand new, and I plan on telling my story whereever and whenever I can. take care, Barbara Amaya