Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Black is beautiful but Black isn't Power. Knowledge is Power"

Nothing has ever rang as true as the quote above. I've been sitting on the link to this movie for sometime, mainly because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to say about being Black in America. Being Black in America isn't a monolithic experience because as with any people we are diverse in our culture. But what we do share is a history, steeped in oppression and violence only to produce some of the greatest minds, leaders and works of art.

The last week in politics with the "Their Blacks and our Blacks" getting thrown around like it's 1930 it got me thinking,how do others see themselves when it comes to being Black in America. Are they content with the two depressing hours wrapped in a bow on CNN, or the one sided views the hollywood machine produces or is there more? And how many of us can look back and say I know my history, the leaders, the sacrifice. And do we honor that in our everyday lives. I know that I do and that I'm teaching C.J too (and sometimes the Mr.), but I'm one of several million.

So with that said there is a very powerful documentary out that I believe all of us need to try and see. Not only as reminder of the sacrifice but also as a reminder that things haven't changed as much as we'd like to think. Yes I'm aware our our history didn't start on the shores of America, nor will they end but it is important to know what happened on these shores so that we can finally live up to the expectations set before us and make the changes we all long for.


I pray for the day people of color in America realize what strong stock they come from and stop with the racial slurs disguised as compliments, killing each other over land that is not theirs and oh so much more. I say this prayer with a heavy heart.

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