Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The words you speak hold power

There is a school of thought that believes that the way you use a word changes the meaning. I had a long drawn out discussion with a friend about calling herself or anyone else a Nigga, Nigger or any other form of the word and at the end we just agreed to disagree.

I consider myself to be open minded when it comes to the world but I will never believe that I can change the   meaning and deep rooted history of a word. I give the serious side eye to those that tell me they use the word so they can reclaim it. Who exactly are we taking it back from since it never belonged to us? If that's the case then I will just start calling people anything I'd like. Pocketbook for instance, Yo my pocketbook what's going on? See how that makes no sense. Neither does using the other word. 

The words we use have power, they have meaning and I don't care how many times you wave the flag of change it doesn't change that. 

I stumbled upon this video recently, take out the word Pimp replace it with Nigger and tell me you still think it's okay. And while you're at it stop calling dudes pimps and yourself hoes... Do better, be better! 

This post came about after I heard a woman on a crowded LIRR train tell her son to STFU Ni**A and a white woman told her friend "They act like animals that's why we treat them like it". The first time I heard this was in a cab, I have to remember to keep my headset on when I'm out on the LIRR, it will save me from the madness

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