Friday, December 2, 2011

New York New York a helluva town

Last week The Jaded NYer sent me a link to a blog written by yet another transplant (that's what I call all of you non-natives) complaining about all the things our beautiful city lacked.To say I was annoyed would be the understatement of the year. Not only because the writer was bashing my city but he/she was doing it unfairly. 

The complaints weren't about the normal things like how dirty it is (stay out of tourist traps) or about the overcrowding (don't live in Manhattan) but about nature.I was confused because the comments were all confirmation of this falsehood. All the yes NY doesn't have anything but concrete and rude people talk got me thinking if any of these people actually knew the city. The answer is NO, all they know is Manhattan. If you limit yourself those few little miles of land in my opinion you forfeit the right to hymn and haw about this city because you haven't explored it.

As a native Brooklynite I know that the book "A tree grows in Brooklyn" is not just a catchy title. There really are trees, grass and if you're lucky a friendly squirrel. The city is not some barren concrete place but a cluster of amazing boroughs that give you something different every visit. You want nature, go to Brooklyn or head out to where I live. This was my front yard a few days ago:
Nothing but nature surrounding me, the same day I took this picture I saw a rabbit run across my street. I love it. I like to think my home is a retreat from the hustle and bustle, but when I want to be in the thick of things  I jump the LIRR and head into the city.  Just one more beautiful thing about this city, you have options. In no other city can you experience so much culture by simply crossing the street or taking the train one stop. Only in the GREATEST city in the world.

My advice to all you transplants is get from behind your computers, grab your metro card and go explore. If you don't do that then I don't want to hear another bad word about it.

I never understood how people can complain about a place they are visiting, you would never hear me bashing you in your home.

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