Friday, December 30, 2011

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

Ah the end of the year post! In 2010 I wrote a two part EOY post one about my personal life, the other about the world  and how I see things, this year it's all about me.

Professional: At the end of 2010 I started the balls moving on a new position at my current firm and guess what it's paying off. I've become a LOT more vocal even when the shy girl in me tells me not to and I see it taking root. We had two "conferences" this year and in both I was asked to share my ideas more often because of my unique prospective and that made me feel great. I have to admit that though I spoke up on occasion,  it wasn't as often as it should have been. I let the climate of my industry (which is quite scary and unstable) scare me into not always saying when things were not right. That time has changed, God willing it pays off.

The bigger part of all of this is that I decided that 14 years in this business has been great but I'm ready to give back my community. I've always said when CJ gets older I would volunteer, well I took my first steps towards that with the clothing/food drive I held and there is so much more to come.As much as I love finance and analytics I've decided that my passion for it is dwindling.I want more for me, for my community and in order to get it I have to be a part of the change not just sitting around waiting for the world to hand me something all wrapped in a pretty bow.

Self Revelation ALERT: 
 I'll admit it I'm pushy, I'm opinionated and if crossed I will be your worst enemy, but  if you know me then you know it's all done out of love. A few years back I made a promise to myself to keep a tight circle after a heart wrenching incident with a friend, and not to let people take me to that place again. Over the last year I let a few people in and one to my own detriment, but because of the personal growth here in my little cocoon, my anger with this person only lasted a moment and I was able to move on. I've realized I can't heal the world and honestly don't want to. A few minutes of meditating revealed the simplest principles to me, that no matter who the person is their anger, resentment and low self esteem is not my issue. I'm good and will be good long after I cut them off.

With that said I feel less crippled when it comes to this blog and what I write. Good Ole Smarty's consistently reminds me that YES others may have written about it, but not from my perspective, so here's to hoping that I can carve out the time to give you more of ME. I promise it will only sting a little bit.

Friends: This year I've established that my support system (outside of family) is AMAZING! They want for me things I didn't even know I wanted and that is awesome. Some of you are new to this lovely circle of trust but you've only made it better for me in here. A few of you are a testament to what should really come of Social Networking and I love ya.

Family: This year I've realized even more how strong my family is. I wouldn't change that for the world, what I will say is we need to get together more often. The holidays are just not enough! Christmas only solidified that for me with all the men in the basement talking and laughing and the women upstairs it just felt right, not the separation of the two but the warmth in the house. I want to feel that way more often. So I guess I'll be the one that initiates the getting together and I don't mean to EAT (mmhmm I know how y'all are).

Fitness: I have never struggled with my weight, nor have I ever not worked out but this year I took it to another level. For the last 12 years I've been practicing Yoga it is my first love. I can go on and on about the benefits from helping me through my labor and delivery, keeping me toned through the pregnancy and showing me how channel the negative energy in my world and turn it into positives. Hatha Vidya will always be a part of my regiment! But this year I wanted to focus on some good old strengthening enter Crossfit ( thanks to the Evil Terita) and Reformer Pilates (thanks to Jaded for the gift certificate) OH MY! I haven't felt this strong since I danced. So I'm promising myself to find a way to fit them in more regularly and by fit them in I mean financially, Pilates is quite pricey so it may come down to two classes a month.

I also started living a Paleo lifestyle introduced to me by Terita and The JadedNYer. I can proudly admit that for the majority of the time I've adapted this lifestyle I've been 100% Paleo, even with some of my sugary addictions (The Holidays and the week before my fast well yeah not so much). Eating clean has been good for me and for the Giants. The Mr. hasn't had a blood sugar reading over 100 since September and I found out this week, his Dr is thinking of cutting down his meds. AWESOME right?! I'm not waiting for an answer it is.

So that's my year in review, I don't make resolutions and I'm sure I forgot somethings but *throws confetti* who cares that's all in the past and I'm looking to the future!

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting on my rants and random thoughts!


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