Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love and Hip Hop

So I've been watching Love and Hip Hop and unlike most I don't feel the need to comment on how we as a people need to do better. That's a given especially if the show is on VH1. It's 100% clear that reality TV is not about showing Black women doing big things, it's about ratchet behavior and that's why we watch. The ratchet behavior is not unique to women of color so if any other race of people want to debate I will point them to RHOBH and Mob Wives.. THE END.

Anyway once I got past the stupid fights and discussions about getting money I realized the issues highlighted on this show are what the relationship blogs cover and women deal with everyday. Most of the women watching the show have been or are currently in some of the same situations being shown, but they are cussing and tsk tsking the women on the show. Why? Because it makes the pain of dealing with your own f-ed up situation easier.

There are several characters on this show but I know for certain I have watched friends go through the trials Chrissy and Emily have gone through. Chrissy not knowing the future of her relationship because the man is caught up in being a man child, and Emily with the cheating father of her child and her misconception of what real love is... REAL ISSUES. The only difference is that there is no camera shoved in the everyday woman's face 24/7.

Even Yandy, she's in a male dominated business where on some level the men are treating her like they treat the women they sleep with, showing her little respect and that doesn't work for business.I totally understand this feeling because I work in a field where men dominate, I've just learned not to  take their BS. Yandy will learn that too, and when she starts separating business and friends she will become even more of a success. In short, I'm not saying don't voice your opinion about what's happening because that show is pure comedy gold, but don't act all surprised when the women cry or say stupid things like I love him... we've all been there and though it's TV it's still easier to lift up another woman than to bash her.


Smarty P. Jones said...

I tried to watch last season. It's too ratchet for me. I'll just take your word for it.

CoogieCruz said...

While watching this show for the first time and then the follow up episode in wanting to know the outcome of the Erica and Kimbella fight, I was able to identify where some of these women were coming from and even point out traits I see in people around me. Which is probably why it gets fame because people can relate to the f$%kery whether they want to admit it or not. It is a shame that shows where women are shown in a positive life - no cattiness within each other, making career moves, supporting one another and even showcasing being healthier - aren't as recognized or known. For example, Big Sexy on TLC showcased all of that and more. Never were they bringing each other down. But whether it is because it is on TLC or because it's full figured women, people don't accredit it as much.

Reggie said...

I guess I just don't understand the entertainment value of these types of shows.

This type of stuff is reprehensible.

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm already sucked into the lives of the Kardashians and the Braxtons. I cannot take on these heffas as well. I will take your word as bond. LOL