Monday, January 2, 2012

Very Superstitious

Every year before the 31st I do two things, I clean my house from top to bottom and then I cook a special meal. There hasn't been one year since I've been on my own that this doesn't happen. And though I'm sure if I didn't wash every stitch of clothing we'd still be okay I continue to do it. Old wives tales passed from generation to generation just have a way of sticking with you. So here are my New Year's MUST Do's (Thank Dee for this post). 

1. Your home must be cleaned spic and span. No one wants to bring in the new year with the last years dirt. And there is to be no sweeping until the 2nd. Why? because you sweep out the new years blessings. I will say this has become harder with a 5 year old because he is ALWAYS dropping things but I still do it. 

2. All clothes must be cleaned. I guess that follows the same thought of old dirt, new year. And as much as I hate laundry this one is definitely one I wouldn't mind giving up. 

3. Collard Greens and Hoppin' John. Collard greens bring wealth and black eyed peas bring luck in the new year. There is always a pot of collards here and this year I have to say they were magnificent but I can't get into the peas, so I am hoping the good luck will follow me anyway. 

4. The man you plan to spend the rest of your year with needs to be with you at midnight. Some say he should be walking through the door at midnight but I guess that's harder these days. 

So there it is the superstitions I live by even if logic defies. Share your superstitions in the comment section! 


The Jaded NYer said...

I am also of the belief that a clean house and NEW cleaning tools are needed every year but never manage to get there. It always makes me so mad at myself.

But I won't pout about it; I'm currently cleaning out my place- the RIGHT way- little by little. Not just for the New Year but for the long run.

A place for everything and everything in it's place. <--my motto for this year :)

Reggie said...

Collard greens and hoppin' john are popular here in South Carolina and I've learned to love them.