Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chris Brown insights yet another blog post

This weekend the Grammy's aired and boy was it a bore. Nothing new, same old, same old award show (with the exception of Adele).  As I forced myself to watch I realized that twitter was a blaze because Chris Brown was performing. I guess I was so tuned out I didn't even realize he was on stage, I find his music annoying. I know lots of women love him so I never gave it a second thought when  the hashtag #TeamBreezy flew across my screen. When I went to bed (way too late) I just put his performance in the bag with all the other God awful until I read this , 25 Extremely Upsetting reactions

No other words would come from my mouth besides WOW! Women saying that Chris Brown's good looks would allow him to beat on them. Yes Society we have a REAL Problem and that is a lack of self-esteem, which I tweeted.

: These tweets about letting Chris brown beat you because he's fine are just... All I can say is Self Esteem Get You Some!

I thought most people would see it that way but I was wrong, people were actually blaming Chris Brown, saying it was wrong for him to perform... huh? Before I go off on a tangent let me say that I do not support Chris Brown and what he did to Rihanna. I find his behavior on most occasions reprehensible, but I also believe in forgiveness and the process of rehabilitation. Chris Brown at that place, and we should take the time to look at the situation as we know it, hope that he is seeking therapy and working through his issues. He is but 23 years old and has a lot of time to grow. I've seen boys become men who were once in the same place, this is not to say every abuser can be reformed.

For those of you ready to scream she's blaming the victim, you are wrong. I don't, nor will I ever blame Rihanna because she is a survivor of domestic abuse. I watched three of my best friends deal with abusive significant others and though at the time I didn't always understand it I NEVER blamed them. I also watched as they have all healed and wished their former abusers the strength to get better and to be able to move on.

Now my real issue here is with the women that think it's okay to say things like this, Chris Brown is actually a non-factor in that case.What needs to be addressed is how do we tell women you deserve more than just having some fine man beat you? What would lead you to put yourself out on a social work as having the lowest self-esteem EVER? I see this as a teaching moment for women. We all need to reach out to young girls and speak to her about these things. Too often we just think that EVERY one knows their self worth. It's not true, some never feel that in their lives. Stand up and tell a woman in your life,  You deserve to be loved and appreciated. The more they hear it the more likely it is to sink in. 

Chris Brown doesn't need your forgiveness but from the likes of these tweets some women need to start .forgiving themselves and healing.

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Bangs and a Bun said...

*stands on chair and applauds* Could not agree more. We need to start getting through to these girls and soon. Those tweets were beyond disturbing.