Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm no expert

Of Course I'm an expert, I'm a blogger! 
If you follow me on twitter than you know I spend a lot of time ranting, but in the last year I have been spent just as much time talking about healthy relationships, friendship and self-esteem. To my surprise people actually take what I say to heart and find my "Advice" useful. Who knew?!

I don't consider myself an expert AT ALL, I just see myself as having lived a really interesting life full of good and bad teaching moments. After a year of talking about it I'm just going to take 2012 by the "marbles" and open my blog up to you the readers. You can ask me any questions about life (not my life) that stumps you and I will do my best to answer. So send your questions here: Contact me, email, twitter whatever your choice. Let's get to healing folks!

Y'all can blame La_Redatrice and Smarty's World for this :)


Nicole said...

O boy here we go

The F$%K it List said...

Oh you live for my advice, you know it and you LOOOVVVEEEE ITTT!