Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Instant Gratification

This weekend we lost one of the greatest voice ever, Ms Whitney Houston. I found out about her death early Saturday night and I was floored. When I told The Mr. He refused to believe me saying and I quote " If Whitney died they would interrupt this Knick game", and then it happened EVERY radio station in NY started playing her music. (This is always the flag to let you know someone has passed.)

As I spoke to my friend Dee on the phone, on, I started to get that feeling of overload. The radio was on, CNN on, Social Media flashing new feed every second and this feeling of  Whoa I need to get off ride  I had to force myself to log off.

The next morning I spoke with two people about Whitney, and then went on with living. I watched a little VH1 soul but after a while it just becomes too much. My twitter and FB timelines are calling for a tribute at the Grammys tonight! And it had better be a great one, not some old B.E.T type tribute. I'm confused, hasn't she only been dead a few hours? The show is tonight, there's no way anyone can pull this off.

The show airs and it's a snoozer, and finally we get to the part where we honor those that passed away in the last year, and Whitney appears on the screen. Tears flow as Jennifer Hudson sing "I will always love you", she is flawless, and the tribute is over. As a fan of Whitney's music I am happy because it was simple and beautiful but the masses are pissed beyond belief. The angry chants went something like this:

"That's IT? "
"There had better be more because I stayed up to watch this show"

Annoyed I commented,  "if people must have more than hit the play button on all the music they downloaded the night before and hush". Monday night on the news I watched fans huff and puff about how unfair it is that the Houston family is choosing a private funeral service. *sigh* Confused, I wondered how we as a people have gotten to a place where we feel like we are owed this much. Can't the family mourn their lost mother, wife, daughter in peace. All of this got me thinking how social media and the Internet has changed the way we interact. With the world at our fingertip we act as if our every want (not need) isn't met immediately, it's okay to abandon all adult reasoning and scream like toddlers.
And sadly this want knows no boundaries. From the birth of Blue Ivy to the death of Whitney Houston we are demanding our wants be fed even if it means crossing boundaries. We become obsessed, crazed Stand on the flip side we become less caring, less loving, less respectful and therefore less human. This is something I don't want to be a part of.

I don't have the answers on how we change it all, but I am going to work on how I receive and process the world going forward. 


Smarty P. Jones said...

I am hoping that this is just a case of people being in their feelings. I am floored that some people actually believe they have the right to be there. Funerals are a private family affair. They have the right to grieve in peace. Who is anyone to deny the family that right?

Smarty P. Jones said...
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BigmacInPittsburgh said...

With the advent of computers,smartphones and other inpersonal items,I don't find my self shocked at people's behavior.

Stacy said...

I find myself in shock and disbelief at the nerve of people on too many occasions. I would like to believe that it is an exception to the norm, however, it feels like a trend in the wrong direction. The political process, celebrities, news...there are no boundaries or common decency anymore. People are so quick to complain or say ignorant and hurtful things about anyone and everyone they choose from the safety of their laptop. I do believe technology has played a huge roll in that.