Monday, March 26, 2012

Branching out

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of hosting the First NYC Blogger Wellness Workshop with The Jaded NYer. We had a great turn out and the feedback was incredible! With all the buzz , the natural step was to launch a new site and TODAY IS THAT DAY! 

Baobab Wellness will serve as a resource to guide you to a better you by incorporating a mind, body, spirit philosophy. We are very happy and excited about this new venture and hope that all of our readers will visit the site regularly. 
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am Trayvon Martin, I am Sybrina Fulton (his mom)


I thought long and hard about whether I would be able to put my disgust into words about the murder of Trayvon Martin. I put pen to paper several times and ended up in tears each time, because I am a mother, a mother to a son, a mother to a Black boy in America.

After an hour the only words I could bring myself to write were "HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS TO CJ?" How will I explain to my son, who at 5 years old is already 3ft 5inches, that no matter his successes, no matter his attire, he will ALWAYS be public enemy number one and there is nothing his mom (or Dad, also a target) will be able to do about it. I just couldn't do it. I told myself that it was okay that I didn't need to write it out but it's not. I'm angry, no fuck that I'm mad as hell (sorry Mom). I'm mad because in this day and age after rallies, marches, protest my son is still a target for the white man's aggression just because of his skin color. I am mad that a mother has to suffer the lose of her 17 year old child because of some overzealous idiot with a gun. I'm MAD as hell that the only questions the media can think to ask are "Did he ever have a run in with the law" "Was he a good boy?" Simply put if he was a boy that stayed in his place he might still be here, NO and NO and HELL NO!

This evening while driving my husband heard the tape for the first time, he pulled the car over and looked at me for a long time. I knew what he was thinking before he said it "They would have to bury me under the jail if anyone ever hurt my son". I had the same thought. The hardest part of this is understanding how a case that is as cut and dry as this, a case that screams racism hasn't ended in an arrest! I'm not even happy with the mainstream media's coverage of this case, this should be as global as the exaggerated "Kony 2012" issue was. A man, who currently was no real threats was made famous by every white/ black/ yellow/ green person in the world, but right here in America a Black boy, YOUR OWN, is murdered and very few people speak up and say this is an injustice? I'm not judging but I am saying that the same push to capture a murderer in Uganda needs to be applied here.If there was ever a time to stand up, This is it. Don't worry about what might happen let's make sure the RIGHT thing happens and George Zimmerman is arrested.

My thoughts and prayers go out to The Trayvon Martin's family.

Excuse me while I go stare at my son all night just to make sure he's okay. *wipes tears*