Monday, April 30, 2012

A Final Farewell

Last week the awful news that NYC and the Black communities beloved Kiss FM was no longer. Though all the details of the merger are unclear, what is clear is that the Black Community in NY will be at a great loss. And we should all be angry about it.

I know some of you (especially non-NYers) probably don't understand why I'd say that because it's "Just a radio station" but KISS was so much more. In 37 years I have never known a world without this station. When I was younger KISS FM played everything from R&B to Hip-Hop. I remember waiting by the radio, finger on record to make sure I didn't miss one second of DJ Red Alert show. KISS was a Brooklyn girls everything. As I grew into an adult and music changed so did the format at KISS, but one thing always remained constant it's ties to the Black community and the events that affected our lives. From covering the Crown Heights Riots to Voter suppression and most recently the Trayvon Martin murder KISS was always at the forefront and kept you in the know. Sadly that is no more.

This morning as I listened to Toya Beasley's "Kiss Inspirations" and the aptly titled Home going service, I got choked up as gospel artist came on and told their joys of being on KISS. In the last few minutes of the show Ms. Beasley gave testimony and tried to assure listeners that KISS and WBLS would be one big happy family I felt a tear run down my cheek because I just can't see it. And then the show closed with Andrae Crouch's "God has spoken" and well that was all she wrote.

By the time this post goes lives KISS FM will be no more, we will have all the memories but NY will never be the same.

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