Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: She's making a change and needs your help.

A few month ago a dear friend expressed interest in going to South Africa to work with HIV/AIDS orphans but she wasn't sure how she was going to fund the entire trip. Not sure how to help I offered to put a little something up on my site and ask my readers to donate whatever they could. 

Alena "Coogie Cruz" is a graduate student at Columbia's Masters in Social Work program with a minor in International Social Welfare. 

When asked why she wanted to go to South Africa, Alena answered " Though I am aware of the needs in the United states I feel that many of the global get ignored more often. Kind of an out of sight, out of mind thing.  I believe that right now is the moment to use all my skills as a early childhood educator and Social Work to make a global difference. Volunteering at this South African orphanage will be the stepping stone to something much bigger and will serve to bring awareness to children's issues globally. With your support, I can be closer to making this happen. 

For more information about Alena, African Impact and the opportunity to donate, please check out my site Thank you! 

Here is a perfect example of young people that are really doing something to change the world, give whatever you can EVERY dime counts. 

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