Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Ranting A Little

While I was on vacation from corporate America I had time to do a little observation of the regular world. I realized some people are just crazy. I started writing this list during Festivus so if it comes off as a list of grievances... well it is. LOL 

1. Natural Hair Mafia - I'm going to need y'all to simmer all the way the hell down. So many rants on twitter about how much better they are than say the woman who perms their hair. JUST STOP IT! If your hair is natural and you love it God Bless but you don't have the right to call another woman out just because of that. Especially if I see you later tweeting about all the other un-natural things you put into your body. 

2. Catfish- Too many people out here with Jekly and Hyde personalities. No sane person has time for that mess. 

3. Stop being lazy!- I watched as so many people made excuses for why they couldn't do one thing or another. Too lazy to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Too lazy with language, too lazy to fix the typos in your FB status, so you make an excuse. Come on people we must do better. And look I'm the queen of typos but when I see them I fix them. 

4. Status: I'm complicated- NOPE that's a bunch of bull. If a relationship is complicated then it's not worth discussing and it's damn sure not worth listing on FB. Ex. your complicated S/O is cheating on you well guess what s/he is not worth your time. It's a new year give them the boot! Y'all better stop watching all these damn reality shows thinking that how relationships work. To quote my Nana "Those people have already made their money and you're sitting around watching them act up." Nana be knowing. 

5. Dig deeper- You are the sum of all your parts not just one part. I have seen so many people define themselves by their careers, or station in life (I am a mother/father). Hose are smaller parts that make up a bigger picture, in order to be the best you, you will need to really figure that out. Trust me it will make you happier to see yourself as the glorious multi-faceted human being you are. 

WHOO what a relief that was. I know a few of you are tired of me ranting in your IM about these things so expect more of my famous lists! LOL 

What would you add to this list? Leave it in the comments. 

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