Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's day.. Be Happy!

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I know the customary way to greet people today is Happy Valentine's day but I'm making a change in how I view this "holiday" and I hope you will too.

Too often we get wrapped up in the forced showmanship of this Hallmark, Godiva fueled holiday and we  forget what being in love really is. And every year it's the same thing, In a relationship: We start making lists of material things and yummy chocolate desserts that we want our significant others to shower us with in January just so they don't forget. Single; We start the campaign of 'I'd rather be alone than to settle" or my favorite "At least I'm not the side chick". All of it is ridiculous. Being showered with tons of gifts on one day, don't make you loved and down playing your want for a relationship doesn't make you strong.

So what I'm asking is simple that no matter where you are in the crazy world of relationships, do not to indulge in all of that this year. Let's make this day about showing love to ourselves and to all the people that love us! Use today to

  • call a friend or family member you miss and let them know that you're thinking and live them. 
  • Treat yourself  to a decedant meal, a drink or a spa day and make it a regular practice. 
  • Tell society to kick rocks because this one day doesn't validate you or your relationship.
  • Stop degrading other women because you want to feel better about your situation. A side chick, a main chick whatever you want to call them it's not necessary. It's just another bitter pill.
I'm not saying you can't go out and have a great time with your s/o today, I'm just saying make everyday about love no matter what!

So today I'll greet you simply with It's Valentine's day, JUST  BE HAPPY!

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