Monday, February 25, 2013

The Robots Have Won

When I was younger my mom used to tell me some crazy things about what to do with my purse. Like never place your bag on the floor because you'd lose all your money or you never ask anyone to hold your purse because it would entitle them to half  the contents (actually I think my Godmother made that told me one), however crazy they might seem I've lived by them for most of my life (except that incredibly freeing time when I REFUSED to carry any form of purse.) My mom keeps her purse really organized with every contraption created to maintain some sort of organization and I got to thinking about that as I cleaned out my baby bag/ purse. What do the contents of my purse say about me? Which led me to make a even bigger decision about what happens with my family. 

First the contents of my bag: 
My iPad
CJ's Kindle
The Hubby's cellphone
My cellphones (business and personal)
My pedometer
And all the necessary baby things and my wallet. 

Hmm Can we say PLUGGED IN? Yep we can. It seems that every moment of the day my family is plugged into some form of electronic device and that is bad. I can't say that we don't communicate because we are a family of talkers but it seems that we could be doing more. Before the iPad we talked and sang more in the car. The trip to the grocery store was for reviewing sight word flash cards and jokes, now CJ reviews on his kindle and the hubby and I sing or talk. So last week I decided that it all needed to end. The Kindle, iPad, DS, cellphones will all be put in a box during the week, they will not be in the car (or my bag) unless we have a really long trip so that we can enjoy our limited family time. 

The second change is the televisions, we're getting rid of one of the cable boxes because that's just another distraction from family time.  *INSERT CJ falling out crying, asking how he will watch HIS SHOWS* Besides the incredibly high cable bill (F$%K you Optimum) I never watch TV live and paying for two DVRs is just ridiculous. If I actually want to watch a live show I can just retrieve my iPad from the box and use that. This will be better for our finances and for our family. When CJ was younger we rarely had the TV on and though at one time guilt ridden, I can admit that we used it as a distraction so that we could finish other things, now its just become a way to distract ourselves from everything. And well that end today.

So I bet you're wondering how will I blog regularly when I'm unplugged? I've decided to just allow myself an hour to type up the blogs I will be writing in a notebook. In the last few weeks I have been keeping one near my bed to jot down any ideas I have before mommy brain kicks in and I forget. It's proven quite helpful. 

Big things happening over here at the F$%K It list home. Are you too plugged in? How are you addressing it, making changes?

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