Monday, March 25, 2013

Self Confidence vs.Arrogance

After a rather lengthy(and exhausting) email exchange with a friend last week, I started thinking about the thin line between being self confident and arrogant.

As I pondered this I was reminded of a quote I saw on Blogging 4 Jobs
True arrogance is the belief that you have nothing left to learn, while true confidence is the belief that you can help others to learn as you continue learning yourself. Confident people share value while arrogant people try to “sell” you that they are correct.

Yes this is exactly it.

A confident person knows that exchanges with others will always be a learning/teaching situation. They are secure enough to know that they can't always be right and even when they are not to gloat. While arrogance seems to be a thin veil for insecurity, hence the need to argue, belittle and prove a person wrong.

I believe I'm a confident person, I don't engage in arguments too often and I'm okay with knowing that maybe I was wrong. However more often then not I have been labeled as arrogant or judgemental, Why?  Because I won't try to sell you the dream. When I turned 30 I made the decision to not wallow in the mud puddles of drama with other people. I know what I know and will always be willing to share and learn from every situation in my life. Did I do it for other people? HECK NO. I did it for me because dealing with angry insecure people was changing me, it was feeding something in me that never existed before and I was tired of it. I had to come to the realization that the need to be right all the time was draining me and making me a not so great person, and if I didn't like myself how could anyone else? SO  I dragged my little self back across that thin line and never looked back. It wasn't an easy task by any means because it requires identifying the ugly truths about yourself and actually changing them.

I realize now that my friend hasn't gotten to that place in her life yet but she will. Until then I just have to be calm and not engage.

So which side of the line do you fall on? Think about it for a minute and then answer. If you fall on the side of confidence what changes did you make in your life to get there? If arrogance then what changes are you planning? Or are you okay with it?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tea Leaf Inspiration

I drink a LOT of tea, and in the last two months while home I started drinking more of my favorite Yogi brands. If you know anything about Yogi tea you know that there is a quote of inspiration on every bag. With my 4 cups a day habit I have collected quite a few and now I will share them with you. Hopefully these little leafs will help someone out there to Be greater, Love better or Just be Inspired.

"True wealth is the ability to let go of your possessions"
                                                                            -- Yogi Tea 

Have a Great Weekend! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of escorting my crazy nieces to a V.I.P viewing of Mindless Behavior's new movie. They were able to meet the group (including the awesome D.J) and see the movie before everyone else in the country. When I learned about the contest run by Kitty Bradshaw I had no idea who was who or anything they sung, I just knew that my nieces swooned every time you said Mindless, LOL.

Needless to say I'm the GREATEST AUNT IN THE WORLD right now (who am I kidding I'm always the greatest) and the girls had an amazing experience. As we headed back to Long Island from the city I decided to blog about the experience so that I could the girls could see how they reacted in the face of their celebrity crushes later in life. Especially since they were acting like they were just too cool.. TRUST they were NOT. I figured I could wait until they were 15 and 16 and whip out the blog post and embarrass them, HAHAH. But something changed that...

Once home I glanced at my twitter feed where all the teenage girls were thanking Kitty for bringing Mindless Behavior to NY and how much fun they had, and how this was by far the best day of their lives. It was sweet, but one girl's tweets were a little off. Yes she had a great time, Yes she was so glad she got to meet the group, hug her favorite member but she was now on punishment. When she got home her mom hit her and she was contemplating killing herself to escape. I was shocked, saddened and well concerned. I just saw this little girl less than an hour ago screaming, dancing and singing (I recognized her from her avi) how could thing so awry so quickly.

I debated with myself for a few minutes because I didn't know the girl but I was concerned about that one statement. So I sent her a tweet letting her know that suicide was never the way, and to remember that no one and nothing was worth taking her life. I reminded her about the groups message of being positive, free thinking and if anything she should hold on to the great memories she had of that night. I didn't expect a response but I wanted this little girl to know that she wasn't alone in this world, there are people out there that want to see you thrive, even if they don't know you. Her response that she saw me too and then that mindless mom's give her life made me feel a little better and maybe just maybe she's okay.

I've checked her page a few times but there have been no new tweets since that night I just hope she is okay and that she took my advice and is being well... Mindless.

I hope my nieces realize just how lucky they are to have such a great family and support system. Yes we are hard on them, Yes we can be very strict but we love them and only want the best for them. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss

How could I not take the time out to wish EVERYONE'S favorite author from 8-80 a Happy Happy Birthday!

I have vivid memories of sitting in the hallway between my room and my mothers Dr. Seuss books when I was younger. Now as an adult I read at least one of his stories a week if not more to my children ( I keep a copy of Oh The Places in my desk for those extra hard days).

I saw this infographic of 30 Dr. Seuss quotes on Mamiverse and thought I shared it with you. 

Add your favorite quotes or books in the comment section while I tend to Thing 1 and Thing 2.


In an episode of Seinfeld (one of the best shows about New York) Elaine is on a date and every time Desperado plays he drifts off into this daze, even hushing her so that he can be one with the song. It was hilarious! Later in the episode Elaine tries to get him to get into a song that they could share..Witchy Woman by Chicago.

Watch it here..Stupid The Man disabling links

*cut to real life*

I'm in the phone with my husband and he is mid sentence when he says I have to go, I have to GO! My first thought was oh man the cops caught him in the phone with no headset and now he's going to get a ticket. UGH! I prepared myself for the story when he called back. Five minutes later the phone rings and I ask if everything is okay? He says yeah he just needed to get into the song on the radio.....Wait what? Did you Witchy Woman'd me? He laughed and said Ra, I  needed to get off the phone so I could sing my song! When I asked what song was this he started singing again and I realized it was Huey Lewis and the News "Heart of Rock and Roll"

Let me tell you this was the funniest thing ever! And if you know my husband you know why. I've decided to keep that song queued up for random moments of laughter. Shhh don't tell him though.