Thursday, March 14, 2013


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of escorting my crazy nieces to a V.I.P viewing of Mindless Behavior's new movie. They were able to meet the group (including the awesome D.J) and see the movie before everyone else in the country. When I learned about the contest run by Kitty Bradshaw I had no idea who was who or anything they sung, I just knew that my nieces swooned every time you said Mindless, LOL.

Needless to say I'm the GREATEST AUNT IN THE WORLD right now (who am I kidding I'm always the greatest) and the girls had an amazing experience. As we headed back to Long Island from the city I decided to blog about the experience so that I could the girls could see how they reacted in the face of their celebrity crushes later in life. Especially since they were acting like they were just too cool.. TRUST they were NOT. I figured I could wait until they were 15 and 16 and whip out the blog post and embarrass them, HAHAH. But something changed that...

Once home I glanced at my twitter feed where all the teenage girls were thanking Kitty for bringing Mindless Behavior to NY and how much fun they had, and how this was by far the best day of their lives. It was sweet, but one girl's tweets were a little off. Yes she had a great time, Yes she was so glad she got to meet the group, hug her favorite member but she was now on punishment. When she got home her mom hit her and she was contemplating killing herself to escape. I was shocked, saddened and well concerned. I just saw this little girl less than an hour ago screaming, dancing and singing (I recognized her from her avi) how could thing so awry so quickly.

I debated with myself for a few minutes because I didn't know the girl but I was concerned about that one statement. So I sent her a tweet letting her know that suicide was never the way, and to remember that no one and nothing was worth taking her life. I reminded her about the groups message of being positive, free thinking and if anything she should hold on to the great memories she had of that night. I didn't expect a response but I wanted this little girl to know that she wasn't alone in this world, there are people out there that want to see you thrive, even if they don't know you. Her response that she saw me too and then that mindless mom's give her life made me feel a little better and maybe just maybe she's okay.

I've checked her page a few times but there have been no new tweets since that night I just hope she is okay and that she took my advice and is being well... Mindless.

I hope my nieces realize just how lucky they are to have such a great family and support system. Yes we are hard on them, Yes we can be very strict but we love them and only want the best for them. 

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