Friday, March 1, 2013


In an episode of Seinfeld (one of the best shows about New York) Elaine is on a date and every time Desperado plays he drifts off into this daze, even hushing her so that he can be one with the song. It was hilarious! Later in the episode Elaine tries to get him to get into a song that they could share..Witchy Woman by Chicago.

Watch it here..Stupid The Man disabling links

*cut to real life*

I'm in the phone with my husband and he is mid sentence when he says I have to go, I have to GO! My first thought was oh man the cops caught him in the phone with no headset and now he's going to get a ticket. UGH! I prepared myself for the story when he called back. Five minutes later the phone rings and I ask if everything is okay? He says yeah he just needed to get into the song on the radio.....Wait what? Did you Witchy Woman'd me? He laughed and said Ra, I  needed to get off the phone so I could sing my song! When I asked what song was this he started singing again and I realized it was Huey Lewis and the News "Heart of Rock and Roll"

Let me tell you this was the funniest thing ever! And if you know my husband you know why. I've decided to keep that song queued up for random moments of laughter. Shhh don't tell him though.

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