Monday, July 22, 2013

They Must Take It!

On Sunday, as I put my frustrations about the Zimmerman verdict into weeding my garden "Coffins For Head of States" came blasting through my speakers. I was immediately reminded of the closing performance of Fela! on Broadway, when the cast brings out coffins to lay them at the steps of the court building. I kept the song on repeat, later tweeting  how amazing I it would be to organize and lay empty coffins with the names of slain innocents on the steps of American courts.  I began  searching the internet for a clip of that powerful scene and came  across this statement from a cast members.

"In 2007 I was cast in what would be the dopest musical on Broadway in 2009. This was Fela! As we work shopped and created this piece, our director Bill T. Jones asked us to decorate a coffin with name of someone who was close to us who died unjustly. During the last number in the show, we would walk on stage carrying coffins singing Fela's "Coffin Head Of State." I decided to put the words "I AM Sean Bell." Bill said someone who is close to you. While I never knew Sean Bell personally, I know him all to well. I know Trayvon Martin. Michael Griffin, Amadu Diallo, Emmett Till and far too many more to name. They represent my 14 year old black son growing up in America. People say next week we will all forget. Here's one woman who will never forget. I am reminded everyday I look into the eyes of my son that young black males are endangered species in America. How to survive and be at the top of your game is an on going conversation I have with my son. Fela carried his mother's coffin and placed it on the steps of the capital in Nigeria. Today I carry Trayvon's coffin, Sean's coffin, and every other innocent black male child's coffin who was gunned down because the gunman felt their lives were worthless. Black male lives have no value in America. All of their coffins need to be placed on the steps of the Supreme Court. Replace the stars on the flag with their coffins. This is what America represents "They Must Take It."  -Iris Wilson
The message in this song is plain. There is blood on the hands of the courts, this country and it's time to send a reminder that they are responsible for the death and continued injustices. We won't allow you to just bury their memories away so we will deliver these coffins and YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT!

I deliver these coffins* as a reminder that Black Lives Matter and we won't stop until this corrupt country changes!

**Shout out to The Jaded NYer for the coffins and her skills with photoshop

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